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Mobile Strike | Troops | Master

Machine Gunners are the tier 2 infantry units in Mobile Strike. They have a high load capacity and are strong against Armored Vehicles, but weak against Tactical Units.

Machine Gunners are roughly twice as strong in battle compared to their tier 1 equivalent, Soldiers.

The tables below show the research cost, stats and troop build cost for Machine Gunners.

Machine Gunner

Food 100,000
Iron 75,000
Oil 100,000
Coin 180,000
Time 2d 12h
 Power 9,000
Req. Research Facility 8
Infantry Defense 2
Upkeep 2
Power 8
Load 9
Speed 3
Attack 2
Defense 2
Health 2
Strength Armored Vehicles
Unit Costs
Oil 100
Iron 75
Food 100
Coin 5

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