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29 thoughts on “Mobile Strike Troops

      1. No. The only problem with high amounts of troops is that your troops might eat food faster than it’s produced. Troops WILL NOT die from running out of food, but it becomes difficult to progress with negative food.

      2. There’s no max on troops but without the correct ratio of troops you will be needed. Ex; if your troop count is 15mil t1 and 5mil t2 you will be nerfed. Meaning they will all be killed. Troop count ratio is everything.

  1. I lost all my tl1 troops n did not lose them in a battle or dismiss them. is it possible there gone because of lack of food? I was not in the red so I don’t know y all t1 troops r gone. I uninstalled n re installed but did not get them back. I emailed ew n waiting on a response..

    1. I found that sometimes this happened to me and others in my alliance an what we found was it was a problem with the game…you fix the problem by closing the task manager and reopening it…I lost 400k power and a headache of confusion but was soon satisfied by seeing my troops back home..hope that helped…tearkillies of ligs

    1. Goto the world map and you will see your deployments at the right hand side below your coins. Tap your deployments > You will then see all your deployments, you can either fall back, or send them home

  2. Help, i am at HQ18 and had 120K T3 troops. I was hit on tiles and lost them all!
    What’s the best strategy to get back on track?

    1. The best strategy is to retrain new ones. It is advised that you only send t1 troops to tiles as they are easy to train.

  3. No idea where to file this under but if you attack there is an operational capacity, does the same capacity apply to the defending forces(let’s say 250k at lvl 21)?

    1. You can manufacture the combat blade. At lvl 6 it offers a 250% boost. You can find it in your accessories

  4. I want to share just how important it is to send the right troops in an attack. I have a level 11
    Hq and 8k t2 troops with 10k t2 traps. I got attacked by a level 21 hq. Keep in mind I have 500k power and he has 86 million! I won the attack! Why? He sent 12k t4 infantry. He didn’t send anything else. He didn’t hospitalize a single troop, he barely got through my traps. Should’ve sent some siege.

  5. How do you know what troops to send to counterrack the ones the other sends. Sorry I still don’t understand witch troops are overall better agents stuff

  6. Help needed
    For some reason when I go to train my troops of any level I have a choice I can train 1 troop or 1million there is really nothing in between how do I fix that?

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