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Mobile Strike Advanced Trap Defense

Mobile Strike Traps

Below you will find details of each trap and advanced trap in Mobile Strike, including the research cost, build cost and the trap stats.


Tier 1 Traps

Tier 2 Traps

Tier 3 Traps

Tier 4 Traps


Tier 1 Traps

Tier 2 Traps

Tier 3 Traps

Tier 4 Traps

13 thoughts on “Mobile Strike Traps

  1. When attacking T3 traps with T3 troops that includes artillery, what is the order of the sequence of battle? Does artillery engage the traps first followed by the troops engagement or the other way around?

    1. Obviously in movies and in history in order for troops to pass Threw a wall or Fort you use artillery then when the walls or structure is weak enough to infiltrate or exposed the troops enter, so it makes sense artillery first then troops. If you look carefully at your attack or defense log artillery are mostly killed

  2. Not to be a bother agin ?? but could you come up with a list of base missions, and what they give you

    Please ant thank you

  3. question: I’m a level 15 being attacked by a a level 35 player. how do i defend myself against someone that has a lot more power then i do? They captured my commander and then let him go? Please help ….I’m desperate for answers.

    Dazed and confused

  4. As of right now I have 75milion power, T4 troops unlocked & trained, I have traps unlocked. I feel like my defense is still so weak and that almost anyone could come in and zero me within 1-5 hits. Do I need more troops? Do I need all Adtraps unlocked and built? What do I need to do to become “unstoppable”.

  5. is there a way to get rid of or replace sandbags with better trap defense ??
    I have ulocked & di all the research but how do I replace them ?

  6. Like you can dismiss troops, you can also destroy traps (yes, you will lose some power, but only temporarily once you rebuild the higher level traps). Go to the specific trap type and go to its stat box, at the bottom of the box you can see another button where you are able to destroy how ever many traps you need to. (Advise not to destroy all at one but a little at a time). Hope this helps.

  7. I have a problem. After being attacked and losing all my traps, I’m unable to rebuild. All my traps show zero amounts and there is a red circle with a line through them which will not let me rebuild my traps. I have plenty of resources available. Both my regular traps and advance traps are at zero. I think it has something to do with the fact that I was building sand traps while being attacked. I have 75k sand traps that were finished after the attack was over. now it shows 75k of 75k max out. How do I fix it?

  8. Traps are great. Idk really what i did but i can take on a 57 billion power with 6 billionp power. Solo defense i either lose 226 troop vs. There 525000 troops or 260 traps to there 525000 troops. I can hold off a rally of 6 with odds of 3 to 1 all with over power of mine of 6 billion.
    State Joco. 713KingKush

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