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Got an article you want to share with the Mobile Strike community? We are looking for experienced players to help share their Mobile Strike knowledge with the community.

If you think you have a great guide, or some tips that will help out new and experienced players, please get in touch here and I love to talk to you about writing some guides.

General Kane

16 thoughts on “Submit an Article

  1. Hi General Kane,

    Have you thought about a guide for material and inventory building for defence and attack? Your guide on research and construction was very helpful thanks.

      1. i am trying to submit a question to you. How can i change my FB acct from my mobile strike acct. The one that to connected to the game has been corrupted, i want to connect a new FB acct to it

  2. could you do something on the lines of base protection.

    Traps to use for whatever HQ you are and what type of troop set to leave at base for maximum protection.


    balanced # of t1 traps and 5K scouts, would that be a good set up??

  3. Ok I have a simple question I blocked someone in chat and now want to unblock and can’t figure out how can anyone help me please

  4. Maybe you could create a calculator for how many of each resource it would take to upgrade a building from one level to another, and also how many buildings.

  5. Was recently looking at my co page and I noticed that under boosts there was a line that read Hospital Capacity Bonus I have poured thru the game itself and this website but cannot find any info. Can you shed some light on this i.e.:what is it?where is it?

  6. I been playing Mobile Strike almost sense it came out There was a new update I updated it then I couldn’t log on I deleted the Apt I thought it was saved but wasn’t Game started all over again. Lost 7 Months work. Any way to get it back.

  7. i was playing for a year got to level 22 had close to 3 billion power, my phone crashed the good thing i backed it up but when i got my new phone the game started from the begining , i lost a whole year work and $$$$$, how do i get it back.

  8. I keep getting kicked out of MOBILE STRIKE on my Kindle Fire. It goes the game then it clicks me out of it. Sometimes far as getting Alliance gifts and Daily Missions, but it doesn’t let me play long enough to do much else.

  9. In basic a very nice game! BUT dont play this game on IOS it will result in 25% higher prices for packs! Those packs you will need on daily base nowadays to keep up with the game. Realise yourselve you need a quite big budget between €50 to € 109 a day. MS is pretty commercial, redirecting this behaviour to some rich players who will be borred if they cant spent big packs eac day…

  10. I’m super sad that this very complete website has gone into hibernation. Do you need someone to take over? Happy to help. I’m an active player and have many active players that would contribute info to this site.

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