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Mobile Strike Research Duration

Mobile Strike Research

Research is key to gaining strength and power in Mobile Strike. Below you will find details of all the research trees in Mobile Strike. New research is constantly added to the game.  We will try our best to keep our research tables as up to date as possible.

Research Trees

22 thoughts on “Mobile Strike Research

  1. If you want to play defense have at least 10 hospitals and however many training camps you want but remember to put the required structures down first before you add the extra camps or hospitals. Also research traps defense and attack. If your an offense guy/gal then you should have at least 10 banks for troop training speed-ups and it has the same concept, put the required structures down first like your trading point, embassy, etc. Also first research combat.

  2. Do you know of any help alliances in mobile strike that are legit that I can go to just during challenges to receive a full bar of helps to finish up research challenges?

    1. you can get them in challenges, or in some cases you can bye them, there are other ways but I cant remember, just keep an eye out for them in challenges.

    2. SCROOG3 Rebels drop research files regularly when you hit them. I’m still waiting to see if the files can also be found when gathering a SCROOG3’s remains.

  3. How far away can you attack within a state? I’ve just recently started playing, joined an alliance and had an alliance member drop out and start attacking. The problem is, he’s able to attack us but when we try to retaliate it tells us we’re too far. So is it possible that he’s teleporting back and forth or is there a way to obtain greater attack distance?

  4. Where can i find the boost for each tree on my commander tree say zero

    advanced combat research speed
    Set bonus research speed
    Mod set bonus research speed
    Manufacturer research speed
    Battle tactics research speed
    Combat research speed

  5. Doing mercenary combat research, mercenary infantry attack lv 4, where abouts is troop attack V Liv 2? I have searched thru all the trees cannot find it, appreciate any help

  6. Hi I have a question I have done Every research there is to do but now I cain’t research The other Parts becaus I need attack army whit Commander lvl 1 and 2 but where The HelL can I gind that?

    on my research is Everything done so i’m lost, pleas help.

  7. I recently started laying and received a 25 mil commanders bonus I used it and now I do not receive gold at the hourly case drop. I also received several 7 day research speed ups how o they work Do I have to wait until I get something that takes 7 days or can I use it and continue to do research until the 7 days runs out

  8. i only have 4 research trees in my research area.. where is all the news one that they came out with?
    i don’t even have the new building that they came out with.. how do i get all of these?

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