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Mobile Strike 101 – Commander skills for 3rd commander

[Vider id=31 ]what’s up girls suspense on the way everybody been asking suspense Lord c-can we make a video on doing the commander’s skills for the third commander I won’t be honest with you guys I haven’t even looked at third commander but we’re about to do the skills for it and I guess I’ll learn it at the same time everybody go serious so apparently Lord see he already reset the commander skills for the third commander and from what I’ve heard but what I sold the third commander is going to be one of the strongest commanders at this point so we’re gonna see what we can do this is gonna go throw a set up the skill set for the third commander I’m pretty sure since you have three commanders now you can only use one at a time but yet and still doing the skills for the third commander it’s not quite the same what’s not routine you know what’s good bro yep I’m pretty sure the third commanders gonna be stronger what’s that what was Walker we just got a peg to sort of um oh we get upgrade all our buildings now I don’t even know if he look he didn’t even open it he hasn’t even opened a pack that’s really what’s up see what we got here I didn’t click dick oh that’s the free bonus gift it’s always giving that free bonus gift all right so apparently let’s go open our I don’t even think he opened the pack yet so let’s open the pack first then we’ll hop into the commander skills wait 650 no buildings no I don’t think so because it says I can make some out a little more than that let’s see there’s a spirit of blend gold uh no apparently max buildings see I’m at 575 core buildings right look what we got guys look what we got hold old let’s see oh no we have right here court buildings to 625 bay up there we go that’s nice mmm that was real nice right there it’s to complete some research oh that’s already done apparently oh we just upgraded our HQ everything the 625 just now I know one of these galactic research Oh what’s up equalizer long time no see bro oh there we go it’s the research fam yous guys zero to the capital whoo zero did you kumi oh man damn violet did you guys hear out on a solo or rally that hurts see we Lord see we just got the new pack the new pack one hit zero yeah that sounds like it sucks quite badly all right that research is done let’s see part three to level chant I know that’s not done it is unlocks all true that’s done I better not get zeroed on the solo I be angry the fuck ok it’s all this already done all right what I’m looking for is my instant upgrade auxilary buildings that’s what I need I know a chance somewhere question is where let’s just do a search for it hit finding hit search because I know our auxilary builders they can go up higher now oh please what level was your HQ ok auxiliary buildings 574 use item good idea that’s that’s what I just did I want to type and found it alright that’s how the auxilary buildings are up now therefore we’re gonna have to make a new serum because I know this serum is a lot stronger but oh they go even higher than this really I didn’t know we could go higher than 575 Wow but I guess I have to do it one by one at this point and that’s gonna suck but let’s go ahead and hop into these commander skills because that was the main reason I made this video to do the commander skills I guess we’ll have to upgrade all these auxilary building is one bottom one which is kind of crazy but yeah that’ll be ok all our buildings are 625 now though that’s fuckin awesome we probably completed a challenge too because I think one of the challenges would have been like galactic combat research yup operational buildings we got that challenge that challenge what else twelve days of Christmas challenge yeah we’re looking good here cuz we probably just got some crepes and some other stuff let me open these first because it might be like commander’s skill points not skill points but so I can level this commander yeah commander skill see I haven’t even looked at community skills I’m about to go to them no I’m gonna go to a right now oh no I’m talking about for the third commander I’m gonna go do the skill for the third commander oh damn I got a lot of RSS good god twenty three point five million times ten billion ain’t how many troops I can make he’s shitting me yeah let me set this commander up real quick and Dan I’m gonna make some troops yeah everybody’s asking how to do the column skills see him being that difficult I wonder if I can upgrade this set your level anymore is 10 20 max it’s probably max let me change commander real quick go to my third commander activate him he’s level 61 right no just go ahead and get them active make sure you have enough Titans I mean I make I make a turn of Titans man oh I can’t hear I can’t upgrade that commander let me let me see my second commander see if I got upgraded in hell we just got a fucking max see nope alright let’s just go do the skills when I go ahead and hop on these skills alright ekam and it’s active now we’ll go back okay commander looking good now we’re gonna go to skills and apparently work what what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna set up a skill preciate so I don’t have to set it for each one what I’m gonna do oh you can’t you can’t do a steal oh so you can’t do a preset for the skills you have to just do it that’s fucked up Wow okay so I would assume of course to start at the bottom oh this trees not even that long it doesn’t look like cool okay that requires level 80 I mean it can’t be that hard to set this up I mean why do I have zero skill points what the fuck for some reason it says I have zero skill points oh I need to reset okay um he’s already used this skill point sure the 24 pack has instant to level 80 on third commander we just got the 1900 pack it should have had that shit let me see hold on how would I find it is it is it is it um there’s an item is it is it a item Ritchie instant I might have it because what would I search for Oh commander let me just look up 80 because there we go look here we go good look Ritchie mine again there we go instant to level 80 on our commander very good very good Hey oh you want Ritchie good look because I never would have known that I usually you know it just gives you commander skill points it doesn’t give you like you know yeah the game running so slow cause I got so much shit let me look up in stit real quick I’m glad you said you said about that instant level eighty because I want to sit there and and my commanders still the best sitting it like level shit level I’ll probably have too many instants in here though to even scroll to all these incidents I think all this shit’s been used done should be oh it was you Terrell my bad look my bad bro but good look on that man I need this no that’s done I’m trying to see if it’s because that’s third commander 280 what about my second commander yeah Ritchie my bad I gave ya terror for the win because I gave Ritchie the credit for winter oh dear I think I was just talking to Richie at the time so I didn’t really pay attention I have too many instance man okay instead come I shouldn’t – it’s the commander I don’t know maybe I don’t have one to do my second commander should there be a incident commander level 328 that’s odd 328 okay hold on it’s the upgrade legendary commended a 100 already did deck so I’m gonna search for instant legendary and see if it’s one that’s higher than that then we’re gonna go set this commander skill tree you’ll take the second stick that’s right if it doesn’t it done no it was just instant to a hundred I’m already at a hundred that’s all good yeah that’s I am gonna need to do that but okay we got commander eighty now on our third bet I bet you super strong no look I got ninety five extra skill points I’m gonna reset the skill point is real quick and then we’re just gonna basically start from scratch on this question is how the fuck do I reset the skill points hmm sitting to be a button for reset somewhat I can’t reset it I know where it said it’s an item’s probably it sucks you have to go through items and look at it just to reset your skills oh I got to take them off one by one shit didn’t know that told me a little late guys what I can’t reset him at all no bullshit I better be able to let me see yeah I can sucks I got to do it one by one no even though it’s not that many to remove I guess I don’t even know what super troop helped eradication is does anybody know what that is I mean honestly I have to leave one point because I should start at the bottom and start removing god that’s a lot to remove what that’s a lot of shit – fucking remove to be honest Wow you know I was gonna take the remove all this shit Wow it’s gonna take way too long to do this just what I’m gonna do though we got 95 extra points so let’s just keep going down at this point let’s do something like maxing like you’re here yeah I need some kind of preset because down because I’m not gonna sit and remove all these points what I’m gonna do is we’re just gonna go over and we’re gonna see what we need and I’m gonna explain it so theoretically you would want to oh shit is it okay tightened deployment capacity definitely need dead I mean I’ll just maxing a lot to the bottom I’m gonna make some lock down to the very bottom oh I couldn’t even make it down that far because I don’t think no down well this kind of sucks because they’re not giving us enough points to and I don’t have any points on the right side which is a problem I bet this training and promotion cult reduction is pretty good that’s a 10% reduction which I mean you really need that oh if you’re gonna be training hmm let me see what else we have down here Oh super troop defense corrosive attack in the items what there’s not a Ida is there item to reset this with one click I mean I know we got deployment capacity right here that’s huge you said don’t train with the second or third commander make sense make sense yeah I know you you you don’t wanna bet on the base let’s see I haven’t even been in here I see because we got like Titan rally capacity right here which seat I think that’s why we need to come down this side too and then we have invent awakened multi kill maximum 60,000 percent and sanity hmm yeah I’m thinking okay it might be a command to reset in here let me see let’s find out who’s that it’s time for me to do some work yeah I know I know I know I’ve been lazy man okay I’ll be having relationship issues [Laughter] all right let me see what the hell did he just go to get for I didn’t even click on anything flagging my game so bare right now doing this string okay oh damn anybody see that shit man see that’s why that’s why I get in fucking trouble man because I’ll be live-streaming their fucking messages just like pop up and then mmm all right let me see um come in to reset down I know I’m glad to hear that all right commander reset let’s see if we have a reset in here I don’t think there is though to be honest okay unlock doulas skill level okay commander secure reset that’s not going to reset second commander that’s gonna reset the first commander I’m pretty sure yeah there is no skill reset so I would have to go down the skills one by one no that’s your commander reset as for your first commander we’re doing the third commander right now so I know it’s not one in the store man it’s nice I think you just got to do it one by one guys I just realized of all right we got our building up to 625 Ritchie you sure it is one no I’m looking but you know how many items I’m gonna have to go through to find that this gonna take me longer to scroll through these items then it would take to just take all the points out individually oh you just did it how did you do it marshal how did you do it you reset your third commander’s skill set hmm if anybody sees it let me know because like I’m scrolling faster where’s the dad was it it so am i doing the right thing looking through here to find it or is it something that I bought in the store you guys keep a watch out and see if y’all see this because all right let’s go into items and buy stories isn’t it a store and special let’s see all right where’s it at Moses you said I can buy it in here in the store what it’s not this commander skill reset right here I have plenty of those no that’s that’s the commander select oh oh okay okay okay I got you I got you I got you so I can um okay then I can here find oh yeah I did the auxilary builders bro whoa why upgrading the 575 but the restaurant got to be done individually hold on yeah I guess you can bus kill resets in this store anyway see I never would have thought of that just have the commander active and then you can reset the skills see I can get as many as I walk all right let’s see okay that resets the skills on that I don’t know it’s not letting me click on it I hate use hmm okay well if that shit works I’m gonna be so happy man I promise you let’s see if that shit worked damn good look bro good look come through in the clutch I was right to delete I was out to do all that shit one by Wayne man well no it didn’t reset yeah it did because they’re going away now thing hold on I swear it gave me a hundred and ninety points but they’re still saying I have five out of five in it okay now now it’s going it took them in it look it’s just delicious disappearing them now it’s a lag effect right now wow I don’t have to give it time to okay now let’s see what we can do because really I don’t want to mix unlock yeah it is lagging bad I don’t want to mix unlock what I want to do is of course we’re gonna add this right here that’s a must gotta have your point in that prison capture commander bonus and ransom realistically not really worried about this for the simple fact debt I mean it’s so hard to hold commanders right now because you I mean people that get a zero this shit so I mean okay what’s the minimum I can put in here at one point we just try what do I have any place do I need okay I like this it says Marshal for they say here Marshal for the save I’m gonna just try to put one point in each of these so I can get to the bottom pretty much man it’s lagging bad god it’s gonna make this video hour long just off the leg well yeah I’m making videos look I’m making a training video and learning shit myself I’m getting trained that’s really beat up but it’s funny I so only need one point in each one of these apparently who cares about mass deployment recall that shit doesn’t even matter um let’s see your best base in full step bonus that’s only a 65 percent bonus I mean it doesn’t really matter I think I will have enough points to get me to the bottom I’ve only put one point in these yes I will because I got to the bottom when I mix it to the bottom I got to the bottom earlier I advanced see what what I’m going to do is I’m going to put one point in each one of these then I’m going to come back and fill in the ones I need the main thing is getting to the bottom and if you go straight and click on the bottom and hit max feel to this point it’s gonna screw you because it’s gonna make sure all that shit that you didn’t want to fill yeah there’s enough points remember I got my comm 280 now I got enough points I promise you all right let’s see see we’re gonna have to come back at home oh I just I don’t think it’ll put 1 point to where I want it I think it’s gonna max its gonna put all the points to where I want it maybe what do you think I don’t know if I hit max filter here you know I don’t see feel to unlock look they didn’t show me feel to unlock oh I’m locking it here well damn man look man y’all need to start making these videos man I’m getting rusty damn man no I don’t want all the place to max that’s what I don’t want I want to unlock everything to the bottom without max unlucky yeah unlock to here not next year see now I’m right here get my shit right with this 1.25 million awakened Titan deployment capacity god I had at so now what I’m going to do is come to the right side because I need this right here I’m gonna unlock your hair as well because that’s my tight rally capacity and I mean y’all know any time you’re taking CP of doing anything boom you need that rally capacity because the extra troops is going to come in handy so much I said we just unlocked in here on both sides of the tree should be unlocking now okay so now we’re starting at the bottom spend 5 points in that and we still have 109 points left at this point let me make sure it’s no middle tree up here or anything there because I don’t think it is but I could have swore I saw like there was something in this middle slot up here I don’t want to start going up from the bottom and then not be able to yo you see right here ok I’m not sure if I want to unlock to here it’s gonna be my rally attack you know what attack defense and health and multiplier hmm I’m thinking this is going to a 100 percent increase your attack therefore if your text like 10 BTT it’s gonna make it 20 BTT that’s what I think but I’m not sure I’ll save enough points to get to there but let’s let’s go down because you know the important shit be at the bottom the shit you got oh hell you’re like your commander higher than unlock so that’s gonna be most important right now okay Titan rally in control point of tech Titan rally in control point attack give it to them yeah I think I need it I’m pretty sure I am invest awaken Titan attack down mmm see this this video is pulling because he usually when I don’t have any feedback like I’m doing a video at night like I would be lost because like it’s like 12 12 months it’s better than one because I don’t figured out this shit today I mean I really would have never knew how to restate we learned how to reset the skill point with your third commander I don’t really know about the control point health care I’m gonna feel these helps down here just because they are at the bottom and plus I don’t want to get a zero so I’m really sure this is gonna come in handy but you see I’m running out of points now not really I awake and Titan type attack I’m pretty sure I’m deadly except in bed Nami if you got three chicks in a bed with you eh nobody complains about that are you serious and I shouldn’t say it that but I awaken rally in control point attack I want to see what our tech is going to be insanely high the 80s time I did some work on this base because lord sree been doing all the work and I just didn’t be a lazy sleeping watching TV playing poker bullshitting me I got back online so I owe you oh I got you I got you red yeah I got you understand bro all right let me say advanced type defense I mean okay defense and health defense I help defense is gonna be much more importantly help in my opinion whenever your because once you have so many fucking troops and you have the biggest troop advantage defense is way more important now if you only have like ten million troops and they stay in ten million troops health is gonna be much more important but if you have a lot more troops than they have that defense is up stacking and stacking and stacking where he’ll is gonna cut you off at a certain level I mean health is already taken care of just by your sheer number of troops from my experience all right let’s see what’s up here but steel your Titan hilt that’s gonna matter cuz that’s tight pill I’m running out of points not really you up exactly because see like I mean but see we’re not when we hit the CP and take the CP health is gonna be just as important if not more because it’s gonna be an even amount of troops I’m about to go around and start tiling everybody me I’m not even playing man because everybody hopping on these Alliance gear tiles I’m not I just go in and start telling people people used to hate me when I tell people it’s like a writ unwritten rule that you don’t tell she I do what’s more better yet make sure I’ll let % that’s good I can survive this is gonna be a great lesson on commander skills by the way it’s really awesome Oh apparently my game is either oh I didn’t click the eggs make sense alright Titan defense see I’m trying to mix all this that I can to the bottom no you always got to start at the bottom corrosive attack I think corrosive is basically armor-piercing this I definitely need this multi kill sixty to one hundred thousand percent multi kill for sure and see I’m gonna just start making only oh yeah oh yeah I noticed that it doesn’t take my second but I think I can may all know I can go steal this shit yeah good point look okay truth defense I’m down to 61 points no that’s where I want a beat oh now that’s only if your base is small if I have if I have be tttt the troops I don’t really need help because I’m not about to burn no way especially once I get this setup right here guys y’all by the sea we get this tower commander setup yeah that’s what I thought for Rosa was advanced armor piercing let’s see but you see also they have like armor-piercing resilience now which is like 100% armor-piercing resilience which if somebody’s on defense it degrades your armor piercing by 100 percent so therefore armor piercing is almost irrelevant at this point because even if you have a be tttttt armor piercing if they have 100 percent armor piercing resilient you have 0% armor piercing period Nuclear Assault it’s always good I love Nuclear Assault type of tech I put I put more value in type of technics to protect to be honest I’m gonna run out of points I am I not I already know it so I’m gonna I’m gonna stop with this side of the tree what actually uh what I’m gonna do is see this is where the tricky part is gonna come in depending whether you’re on attack or defense either way if you’re on the tech if you’re gonna like be doing attack of Defense either way this shit should be like basically you should be down to this 45 points and then if you’re gonna be on defense you might want to go to the right side of this tree look at suspense is was good bro yeah it’s real the suspense is real right here because indestructible defense like huge deal look at that that’s why don’t be teased but see I can just spend one point and double it already the max is ten but if I spent 1.3 but until you get to 5 it’s not really giving you anything so if you’re gonna if you’re gonna put it up to 4 you might as well you have to spend the extra point and go the whole way if you’re gonna put any points into something you have to max it because your biggest jump is gonna be on your last on your on your fifth point in there I mean your fifth point is gonna literally like it’s gonna give you the hugest bang for your buck alright let’s stay awake and army a check mmm-hmm let’s head you will get zero who go get zero okay boom that’s 2.5 BTT and waking army attack army attack is always good also nude my deployment count alright this is I’m gonna save the rest of these points and go up to my middle section man that’s my Titan rally professor well hold on that’s only seven points that’s seven point five million Titans is that all what I don’t know we gonna have to make some more all right I’m gonna go back up now I’m gonna grow up god I’m leaving a lot of shit on the table right here man hold on I didn’t see that last comment hold on I need are you sure they measure I’m pretty sure that percentage I don’t know that’s what I’m saying I know but I mean 100 percent why would it give it I mean what would be a 100 percent of tag that’s gonna be like I mean because it’s just 100 percent on a multiplier so I’m thinking okay multiplier but I don’t think they would let you unlock it that early if it was like I don’t think they would know I can’t be percent oh why would you get why would I do a skill to have percent off of my attack don’t know I mean I uh I would push this good percent oh okay take the higher percent I mean realistically I mean it is what it is I’m coming down here to take what takes the most to get to because from any time I’ve seen it matters basically about well I know I want this multi kill because that shit is important me there you know oh okay they have higher than 100% in that there forget it I’m not here where you think it does multiply your total by 100% if so I need it if not I don’t know but I got 25 points left and I’m sitting here like well I mean awaking Titan attack 33 million I need yeah I mean damn yeah we can always go back and edit a few of these points after the fact yeah I’m just kind of confused okay so I have 17 points left everything is looking good I’m pretty sure I still we got to go back and see what what gear we got cuz I don’t know if our mods and max are at the gear everything is maxed okay awaken Titan type of chat super troop attack well alright yeah I know it’s like with so many people watch because look how much I don’t learn today just from this video I mean I literally learned shit and because I never even did the third commander I didn’t even know it was a third commander up until a couple of days ago whenever I came home and I was like damn it’s like God Lord see because you know I lost my line shout out to Matt for getting me back online that’s what’s up good look everybody collaborate it got me back online alright five more points awaken type of tech mmm I’m just putting the points in here okay yeah all right Quinn’s going well you guys zero God well we ain’t about to get a zero now because we’ve got to make some troops what you guys think okay I’m gonna I’m gonna make some troops all right so that command is done now let’s see um hold on I’m only a 30 on the Enhanced on some of this here let me see I don’t even know if I had to do it ultimate song or the newest arguments on this gear broke and how how did these mods go by the way is this even the best gear goes the infinite Omega divine now super troops super troops are just a tier of troops it shouldn’t work anywhere oh I’m saying it’s just the best is just the best the best gear right here and it’s just the best organized oh okay good good so I guess you already got it set up I do need to enhance the rest of this gear because it’s not enhanced then we’re going to upgrade our buildings you have new changes every day let’s go see um let’s go see what our attack isn’t shit now because all right Toph yeah that’s a long video 40 minutes so good all right I did see was down in signals let’s see what the booster oh cool me the girl man nah man look that’s fucked up a girl zero on people damn man I didn’t know it was a girl is she high is she high very see ugly I list the Titan attack 13 meal pretty sure that’s pretty good would you be between me and Hill anniversary mods I doubt it because those the anniversary mods are just regular troop attack instead of super trooper and Titan attack that’s why the anniversary mods got replaced but it’s Comey hi I’m just wondering hot chick to Playmobil strike what alright alright well boost are hi fuck it the boost are ha let me go see we need to make some troopers man so we don’t get 0 because look our power is so low in the state man Oh black anniversary March 20 I didn’t even know that but um see look we need some more power because look alright so what’s the best troops I met you all look I mean oh cool me how the whole fuck who me if she had all right look I’m power solo in the state we’re like um 130 night we got to get up here so Matt you here um what’s the best troops to build the ad power man what’s the best troops I can build the ad power because I mean before like you know people said okay t3 but then like what III am I gonna get burned see what kind – there’s a power beast yeah somebody coming on one of my other videos I think it was Mac later he said you would never zero coober use artillery for power what tier what’s here all right what tier what’s here are there any new ohm like in Cygnus that I need to use for for training troops or anything matte which tier we talk about which tier fart oh I could have swore it was a new it was an insignia for training or something I could have swore what T fives kidding me I’ll go T for me I mean I think you can add a lot of power with with t32 without getting hurt none of my merc troops because i mean if you have enough troops you’re not gonna get zero – especially not on a solo damn neck no I mean just there just think just to add some power on because see I need to put on some power because I’m 139 to power in the state and no really where she bought packs for all their bases but damn that’s what I was thinking t4 is better man for me because I don’t want to lose one of my big troops man and we’ve got to have more troops cuz we don’t have nowhere near enough troops in this fucking base man not even close to enough because if we’re 139th their power in the state I’ll say t4 we probably gonna roll t4 man I’m getting super lag see I haven’t even opened my food and shit shit is there any um upkeep or can I open all of my RSS or is it like upkeep on anything right now you guys know cuz I don’t want to open all our SS if there’s Oh cute now let’s go with let’s go on t4 man for sure T 400% it’s what we going with today damn my training grounds don’t even I don’t even have my building boost on these training grounds what the hell there is upkeep yeah I know I got a I got no I got a dual normal man come on man don’t suspense 101 man I know I got it like dude normal truth mercenary advanced I’m just getting so much lag right now alright let me see I have more food I just gotta open it I wish I could just hit open old fool oh use our food okay I got a lot of food because we did them two challenges earlier I think that gave us some extra food and shit you change the work that oh you changed you change what would you change what are they give me my food man I just opened the food and now I don’t even see the fool hmm I don’t know I opened food and it’s not giving me my food so it says I have 2.67 be tea tea tea tea but right here at I’m saying 639 m TT look oh fuck something’s not right about that oh you you tore down the buildings and put new ones bro yeah I’m probably sure to refresh it there we go now I got flu yeah yeah a lot of food no I can make like oh damn well too late now Matt you said t5r tell you I can still make some tea pot water chili they’re gonna be no big deal because most of my main strip is gonna come from my super troops my galactic and cosmic troops the old Lord seem back which me what you mean Lord seeing what it was to many troops now the trap should take forever I mean if you if you like you should be able to use multiple speeds on traps right man I’m getting so much lag right now look I hit train troops about three or four minutes ago the hell is this shit doing oh here we go man I think it’s like the more people that start watching the livestream the slower this shit moves or maybe I just been live streaming too long yeah I thought you multiple speed-up on truck mmm all right this leg is ridiculous oh you put the building of the same as the old bay I know about us there and train troops it’s gonna take this long we already did the commander skills set up anywhere that was the main thing now the only problems with the bass is not enough cooked ham I had the industry my game is lagging way too much I’m gonna start a new stream in a few minutes

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