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Mobile Strike | Guides | Where to Find Materials

mobile strike materials - Mobile Strike | Guides | Where to Find Materials
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Finding materials needed to craft the best Commander gear in Mobile Strike can be difficult. Whilst obtaining materials is relativity easy, getting the actual ones you need can be more tricky.

The biggest issue is that it’s not possible to obtain the exact materials you need, there is always an element of chance, no matter which method you use.

Another issue is that certain materials only drop during special in game events, which last for a limited time only. This makes it very difficult to obtain enough materials to manufacture a lot of the special event gear.

Methods to Finding Materials

The following is a list of how you can obtain materials in Mobile Strike:

  • Daily, Alliance and VIP missions
  • Gathering on tiles
  • Attacking Rebel Targets
  • Gathering on defeated Rebel Targets
  • Attacking other players
  • Alliance gifts
  • Winning events
  • Gold packs
  • Crates in the gold store

Most of the above methods provide you with little control over what you are rewarded with. With the exception of purchasing special packs and buying specific chests with gold, the main two ways in Mobile Strike that you can influence what you find, are by gathering on resource tiles and from destroying and gathering on Rebel Targets.

Gathering on Resource Tiles

Each of the 5 main resource tiles drop specific materials. You should note that the higher the level of the resource tile, the higher the chance you will find better quality materials. However, this only gives you a higher chance, it doesn’t guarantee the materials will be better!

Resource tiles drop the standard materials and sometimes additional special event materials. At the time of writing the new Economy Gear materials are dropping like crazy off all resource tiles. This includes the Multi Tool, Iron, Screwdriver and Army Camo Cloth.

However, if you are after the standard items, then below is a “work in progress” list, on where to gather to find materials on each resource tile:-

  • Aluminum – Oil Well
  • Army Camo Cloth – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Carbon Fiber – Iron Mine
  • CPU – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Dumbbell – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Glass – Quarry
  • Gunpowder – Quarry
  • Hardrive – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Ignitor – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Iron – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Fuel Cell – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Lead – Quarry
  • Leather – Farm
  • Multi tool – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Rope – Farm
  • Rubber – Oil Well
  • Sergeants Badge – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Schematics – Oil Well
  • Screwdriver – Farm, Iron Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
  • Steel – Iron Mine
  • Titanium – Iron Mine
  • Wood – Farm

If you find any other standard materials on resource tiles, please let me know in the comments what you found and where. I will then keep the above list updated.

Rebel Targets

Attacking Rebel Targets and gathering on the tile left behind, both have a chance to drop special event materials. The in game events change from time to time and you will only be able to get these materials depending on which event is currently active. Below is a list Rebel Targets and the events which drop the various different special event materials.

  • 9-Volt Battery  – T-Vulture
  • Ammo Feeder – T-Fox
  • Arctic Camo Patch – Avalanche Armory
  • Arctic Trigger Guard – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • Black Adjustable Strap – Cupid’s Arrow
  • Black Kevlar – Tax Collector
  • Black Satin – Snow Stalker Cargo Container
  • Black Sheet Plastic – Blizzard-01
  • Black Thermal Plastic – Rocketeer
  • Black Twine – Gun Runner
  • Blue Water Resistant Plastic – Blizzard-01
  • Brass Rivets  – T-Vulture
  • Brushed Blue Metal – Snow Leopard Frozen Cache
  • Brushed Red Metal – Cupids Arrow Missile Silo
  • Bumble Bee Camo – GR-Falcon
  • Candy Corn – Jack-o’-Ripper
  • Carbonite – Avalanche Armory
  • Carbon Steel – T-Fox
  • Cardboard Gift Box – Judgment
  • Chainsaw Grip – Judgment
  • Ceramic Inserts – T-Fox
  • Combat Wool – T-Fox
  • Composite Carbon Fiber – GR-Falcon
  • Damascus Steel – T-Vulture
  • Dyed Leather – Hunter
  • Elastic Strap – Avalanche Armory
  • Embossed Grip Plastic – Rocketeer
  • Flare – Avalanche Armory
  • Foam Padding  – Hunter
  • Gold Alloy – Rocketeer
  • Golden Glass – Shamrock
  • Gold Plating – Shamrock
  • Green Tiger Camo Patch – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • Green Silicon Compound – Shamrock
  • Gunmetal Ingot – Striker
  • Lead – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • Loophole – Tax Collector
  • Heart Decal – Cupids Arrow Missile Silo
  • Kevlar Blade – Headhunter
  • Kevlar Inserts – Headhunter
  • Microchip – Snow Stalker Cargo Container
  • Microfiber Wire – Snow Stalker Cargo Container
  • Micro Lens – Snow Stalker Cargo Container
  • Moss Mulch – GR-Falcon
  • New Years Fuse – Blizzard-01
  • Nighttimecamo – Gun Runner
  • Polished Black Metal – Rocketeer
  • Polycarbonate Plastic – Gun Runner
  • Polyester – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • Quicklock Buckle – Tax Collector
  • Radar Absorbing Foam – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • Ratcheting Buckle – Shamrock
  • Red Adder Camo – Headhunter
  • Red Felt – Cupids Arrow Missile Silo
  • Red Night Vision Scope – Headhunter
  • Red Plutonium – Cupids Arrow Missile Silo
  • Reiforced Black Plastic – Judgement
  • Remote Detonator – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • RPG Rocket – Rocketeer
  • Rock Salt Round – Jack-o’-Ripper
  • Ruby Plating – Headhunter
  • Rubber – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • Shamrock Camo – Shamrock
  • Shatterproof Lens – Tax Collector
  • Silicon – Gun Runner
  • Silver Fox Fur – Snow Leopard Frozen Cache
  • Silver – Jack-o’-Ripper
  • Silver Brushed Metal – Judgment
  • Stainless Steel – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • Standard Buckle – Striker
  • Steel Hooks – GR-Falcon
  • Steel Nut – Hunter
  • Steel Rivets – Striker
  • Steel Wires – Blizzard-01
  • Strudy Leather – GR-Falcon
  • Snap Hook – Gun Runner
  • Spider Silk – Jack-o’-Ripper
  • Thermal Blanket – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • Thick Dark Red Nylon – Striker
  • Titanium – SCRO00g3 Cache, Hunter
  • Twine – Hunter
  • Urban Digital Mesh Camo – Tax Collector
  • Walnut Board  – T-Vulture
  • Warword Leather – Judgment
  • White Felt – SCRO00g3 Cache
  • Winter Camo Patch – Snow Leopard Frozen Cache
  • Wood – SCRO00g3 Cache

If you find any other special event materials on Rebel Targets, please let me know in the comments what you found and where and I will keep the list updated.

559 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Guides | Where to Find Materials

        1. Have you noticed patterns to when and where gold drops if you win a state challenge? Any tips to collecting as much gold as possible?

          1. The higher level gold tiles start in the center of the forest (level 6) and get lower as you move outwards. The very top and bottom of the map are the lowest areas.

  1. I don’t know if we are talking about the same thing. I’m taking about the svs prize gold tiles not the standard rss gold tile. It seems like the same level is random and different level come in timed waves

  2. best place to find lead, silicon and ceramic? been looking online and it doesn’t say about them dropping from any resource tiles

    1. I’ve been looking for these too, especially Kevlar. They seem to drop really randomly or come from missions.
      I bought a gold pack and had a bunch of crates. Out of 50 of each of the crates below, I got one Kevlar from each unless otherwise noted. I believe that is indicative of which rebel targets would most likely drop Kevlar as well. Unfortunately, I did not keep track of Nylon Fiber, but I believe out of the whole batch I only got about 2 or 3.

      Crates i have gotten Kevlar from:
      T vulture
      Gun runner
      Snow stalker
      Scroog3 – got lots, like 3x the others
      Havoc (also gives mods)
      Cupids arrow (decent amount, like 3)
      Gr falcon
      Egg layer

  3. Scroog 3 Weapons Terminal: Infantry Mod x2; Rubber; wood; polyester; thermal blanket
    Scroog 3 attack: Remote detonator
    Scroog 3 attack: Titanium x12; 20 gold
    Gun Runner depot: Infantry supply mod; snap hook; radar absorbing foam x5

  4. Could you possibly update this page with the new rebels and materials. Also I think it would be more useful if you listed the material and places to find it rather than vice versa. Thanks much appreciate your work!

  5. lvl 5 Mine

    Iron Lv 3 X1
    Multi tool Lv1 X1
    Seargeants Badge Lv2 X1
    CPU Lv1 X1
    Iron Lv1 X1
    Fuel Cell Lv1 X1
    Iron Lv4 X1
    dumbbell Lv1 X1

  6. Anybody having luck finding Titanium? The only way I seem to get it for the last few weeks is in alliance gifts.

      1. Anyone know where I would find portable generator and resource bundle need them for manufacturing Extractor Filtrator?

  7. Here is my list from May 1 to May 21, 2016

    Aluminum – Jack-o’-Ripper
    Aluminum – SCR00G3
    Bronze Star Stud – Gun Runner
    Bronze Star Stud – Shamrock
    Bronze Star Stud – T-Fox
    Carbon Fiber – Shamrock
    Field Medic Patch – AMEV
    Field Medic Patch – Prowler
    Field Medic Patch – SCR00G3
    Field Medic Patch – Shamrock
    Field Medic Patch – T-Fox
    Glass – Mayday
    Gold Star Stud – AMEV
    Gold Star Stud – Gun Runner
    Gold Star Stud – Hunter
    Gold Star Stud – Shamrock
    Gold Star Stud – Snow Leopard
    Gunpowder – SCR00G3
    Gunpowder – Shamrock
    Kevlar – Gun Runner
    Kevlar – SCR00G3
    Kevlar – Snow Stalker
    Lead – AMEV
    Lead – Snow Leopard
    Leather – Jack-o’-Ripper
    Leather – Snow Leopard
    Nitroglycerin – Jack-o’-Ripper
    Polyester – Hunter
    Polyester – Mayday
    Polyester – Snow Leopard
    Propellant – Jack-o’-Ripper
    Red Plutonium – AMEV
    Rope – Mayday
    Rubber – AMEV
    Rubber – T-Fox
    Schematics – AMEV
    Silicon – AMEV
    Silicon – Jack-o’-Ripper
    Silver Star Stud – Egg Layer
    Silver Star Stud – Prowler
    Silver Star Stud – Snow Leopard
    Silver Star Stud – Snow Stalker
    Spare Pouch – AMEV
    Spare Pouch – Shamrock
    Square Patch – AMEV
    Square Patch – Mayday
    Square Patch – Shamrock
    Steel – Egg Layer
    Steel – GR-Falcon
    Steel – Snow Leopard
    Steel – Snow Stalker
    Steel – T-Fox
    Sulfur – Jack-o’-Ripper
    Titanium – Jack-o’-Ripper
    Torn Cloth – Jack-o’-Ripper
    Utility Strap – Prowler
    Velcro Strap – AMEV
    Wood – Jack-o’-Ripper
    Wood – Prowler
    Wrench – Mayday

    1. I just got Nylon Fiberglas from a Level 1 Hunter’s Cargo. I was farming it for iron and I got:
      500k iron
      15k coin
      50k stone
      3x 1 minute speed up
      3x wood level 1
      1x Twine level 1
      1x Polyester level 1
      1x Aluminum level 1
      1x Nylon Fiberglas level 1
      2x Gold Star Stud level 1
      1x Silver Star Stud level 1
      2x Spare Pouch level 1
      2x Field Medic Patch level 1
      1x Square Patch level 1

  8. ALL, I have noticed that regular resource tiles (stone, iron, oil, and food) are only dropping economy materials now in CARM 192. These materials include iron, sergeants badges, army camo cloth, cpus, hard drives, etc. – things needed to manufacture economy gear. All other materials only drop now from missions (occasionally), alliance gifts (this is the best place to obtain them), from challenges (occasionally), from gold store purchases, or when you attack rebels or when you occupy rebel crates. Bob’s post above from May 21, 2016 is the most up-to-date list I’ve seen so far.

  9. What is a reliable source for 9volt batteries. Also titanium doesn’t seem to be dropping from jack o ripper anymore

  10. NECO 221 rules…Anyone know where I would find portable generator and resource bundle need them for manufacturing Extractor Filtrator?

  11. Sorry my website was wrong not sure if my msg will go through?
    Anyone else love NECO #221
    where would I find portable generator and resource bundle need them for manufacturing Extractor Filtrator?

  12. Yes wtf. I have mined everything from level 1-4 for over a month. I have an alliance with a full gift level that I have been with since about gift level 15. We still get about 500-1000 gifts a day. We have won many challenges and I have completed 1000s of missions. I have billions of rss, millions and millions of troops, more gear and materials and mods than I know what to do with….. But I don’t have a single portable generator or resource bundle. Not a single one…. I have fought really no rebels so I’m assuming rebels are probably your best chance for finding these items because I wouldn’t know where to find them if rebels don’t drop them because if you can get it from crates, resource tiles, missions, or gifts at my rate it would take a lifetime to get level 6 quality.

    1. Resource Bundles can be bought in the items tab under crates. Still don’t see where to get portable generator though for those of us searching for it

  13. Does anyone know where I can find the materials for the economist’s gear, Extractor Gear, or Smelter’s gear?

    Some of the materials are:

    Portable Generator
    Resource Bundle
    pvc tube
    leather bundle
    foam lining

    etc, but that will give me an idea. I can’t find these materials from crates, rebels, or competitions. Thanks for your help!

    1. Missions -> Chances, Repeat as needed. I have combined Orange Felt I found under either Advanced or VIP Missions and there either under through those Advanced or Unique (in the VIP. Missions). They’re few and far between.
      Good luck!

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