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Mobile Strike | Guides | Beginners Guide

mobile strike base - Mobile Strike | Guides | Beginners Guide
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Create An EW Account

The absolute first thing you should do in Mobile Strike is create an EW account. You do this by tapping the “more” button in bottom right hand corner of the screen and then selecting “EW account”. Fill in you e-mail address and password to create your account.

Apart from the fact this will reward you with free gold, it also means your account can be recovered if your phone crashes, breaks, or you accidentally flush it down the toilet! You can also login to multiple devices and continue your game where you left off.

Change Your Name

Click on the items button at the bottom of the screen and under the special category you will see you have a player rename item. You should use this immediately and change your name to whatever you want.

Leaving your name as base123456 – the default for all accounts, instantly tells others that you have not played this game before and opens you up to early attacks. In addition it’s very difficult to get to know and distinguish different players in your alliance if they are all called base123456 etc.

Join an Alliance

Next you should join an alliance. Tap the alliance button at the bottom of the screen, which will instantly bring up a list of alliances that are open to join without an invitation. For the time being just join any in the list (you can move later once you make some contacts).

Joining an alliance in Mobile Strike instantly provides you with alliance missions, helps speed up building and research times via alliance helps and rewards you with gold. Perhaps most importantly, it will reduce the number of times you are attacked early in the game. Players roaming the map looking for easy targets tend to go for non allianced players, as it is less likely there will be repercussions from their attack.

What to Build First?

Chances are the tutorial has forced you into building and upgrading a few buildings before the game lets you go it alone. Once you get the chance, the first thing you should build is 10 level 1 farms. This should be very quick as you can auto complete the construction of each building. Once you have all ten level 1 farms built you will complete two missions, rewarding you with 112,000 food and 6,750 power.

You can now destroy some of those farms and repeat with 10 Oil Wells, 10 Quarries and 10 Iron Mines. Destroying some buildings each time you complete the second mission. Again this will reward you with resources and power.

Next it’s time to repeat the same process with the buildings inside your base walls. This includes 10 Hospitals, 10 Training Grounds and 10 Banks. These three buildings provide you with two mission rewards each, awarding further resources and power.

After you finish the above missions you will be sitting on close to 200,000 of each resource and just shy of 50,000 power. This is a massive head start over most players and it is also a lot harder to complete these missions later on in the game. At higher levels tearing down buildings is time consuming and wastes a lot of resources.


In the early levels of Mobile Strike you generally can’t go wrong upgrading your buildings in any order, provided you try and keep most of them in line with your Headquarters. Your HQ determines your overall base level and is also the cap at which all other buildings can be raised. You want to start being careful when you hit Headquarters level 5. Once you go above level 5 you lose your free teleport, allowing you to move anywhere on the map.

Whilst this is a slight draw back if you want to move near your alliance, you can always purchase another teleport later in the game. The biggest issue going to HQ level 6, is that you lose the ability to teleport to another state – permanently!  You therefore need to make sure you are definitely in the state you wish to play in for the remainder of the game, before hitting HQ 6 i.e. make sure all your friends are in the same state.

Research and Build Timers

You may have noticed early on you can only build, or upgrade a single building at a time. The same applies to research, which is accessed in the Research Facility. In Mobile Strike research allows you to unlock and improve new troops and traps, plus it boosts your Commander’s abilities. From this point onwards you should aim to be constantly researching and building something.

When you know you are going to be offline for some time, try to start some research and builds with long timers, to gain the most benefit from your down time. Research also significantly boosts your power and it can’t be lost (like troop power). It won’t be long until most of your power is made up from research, so don’t ignore it.


By now your commander has probably levelled up a few times and you might be wondering where to spend your Commander and Rebel Target skill points. The first thing to understand is that unlike a lot of games it is fairly easy to respec your skills, if you decide to change them later. So don’t worry too much if you think you have messed up your allocation early on.

The quickest way to get powerful in Mobile Strike is to upgrade your buildings and research. Therefore, for the commander tree you almost certainly want to focus on research and construction skills. My suggestion is to max out research 1 and construction 1 first and then head down the right hand side of the tree. Put in the minimum points you need to get down to research II and construction II, then max them both.

Maxing out these skills first will greatly reduce your upgrade and research times, allowing you to level quickly and unlock better troops. The rebel target skill tree is not so important and you cannot really go wrong here. Remember that the rewards greatly increase as you come close to maxing a skill i.e. they are exponential. It is always better to have a lot of points in a few skills, than a few points in a large number of skills.

Troop Death

Before you start training lots of troops you need to understand how troop death and hospital healing works. First of all, unlike similar games such as Vikings War of Clans, if your troops are killed outside of your base they are permanently killed. There is no way to resurrect your troops that are lost in battle once they leave your base.

If however your base is attacked, then some of your troops can be saved, depending on the number of hospital  beds you have. This means that if your hospital capacity is higher than your troop numbers, none of your troops can be killed whilst in your base. This is important as the cost and time to heal troops is significantly cheaper than training them from scratch.


If you have followed the above you should now be off to a great start in Mobile Strike. The next steps are to decide how many of each building you want inside and outside your walls and to starting to build your army! Check out my base layout guide here.

General Kane

152 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Guides | Beginners Guide

  1. Thanks for the info but can you tell me how to use the “Building Move”? I want to move a building to another spot in the city. I have 6 of these in “My Items” but I can not figure out how to use them.

    1. If you click on the more button in the bottom right of the screen, there is an icon called “Building Swap”. Tapping this will let you move all your buildings around.

        1. I’m trying to get out of game and start over.i go to the EW account and do what it says,and it redoes the account over and over

      1. Okay so let’s see if you can help me out please so I had to get a new phone and I installed the game here and I can’t remember my password so I hit forgot password and put my email in to reset it but not email yet done it 12 times so I got the email from the game developers. And they said to log out of the game on the old phone I discovered it and then I hit forgot password. And I put my email in like they said and did that 7 times and in still don’t have the email to reset my password and yes I checked all of my folders spam all that and nope not a email to reset what can I do I’ve told the game developers and they still have not replied back still and this is going 2 days now please if you can help

  2. I want to use goldmine connected to another facebook account. How to disable this using my old-account? I removed the Goldmine and it’s still connecting to my first fb-account.

    1. You need to delete all permissions for mobile strike in your Facebook account, under apps. Then restart Mobile Strike (by closing down the app completely), and log back in.

      Once you click on your gold mine, hit “invite friends”. You will then be prompted to log into your account and can choose another FB account.

      1. Hi did the steps u describe. But after I sign in with another FB account, I get a message that the game is already connected to an other FB account and that I need to log in with the right FB account.

          1. Thats my point 🙂
            I have been searching for a while but cannot find how to contact support. Can you give me a link please?

          2. You can find support in the game. Tap the more tab. You can find in there. It should say EW support (I might be wrong on the name). It is one of the first options in the more tab though.

      2. Hi i want to start over and play with my friends i cant find ms in fb apps and i never had ew account but when i un install and re install im back where i was please helpang

        1. There should be an option to logout in the EW account option in the more section. Or the option to start over. You might be required to create an account and then log out of it to create a new game.

          1. How can I restart the app? I am login with fb and with EW account and i want reset the game but when i will start the game again i want to use the same email and fb account. Can you explain me please step by step how can I do that?

          1. Nadiye there is no real quick way to get a lot of gold or speedups other than to buy packs. The gold mine is one way to get gold and to time your research and other timers for the same time. Staying a low level and completing the highest level researches is a good way to complete the Extreme event, has the best rewards.

  3. I tried the facebook logout thin you said, and it’s saying that “this account is already logged into a different facebook account.” what do i do?

    1. There’s no specific storage for resources. Your resources under the level set by your warehouse are simply protected from being stolen, they are still shown with the rest of your resources.

      1. Strange, after an attack my resources were below the max of my storage(650k) and couldn’t build or heal my troops. The resources shown were below this max (650k). Bug/glitch??

        1. If you had tier 2 troops and above they require coin to revive as well as resources. As your warehouse doesn’t protect coin until level 21, it could be that all your coin was stolen which would stop you reviving any troops.

          1. I have the same issue, LVL 15 Warehouse and attackers can drain me to 0 Stone/Food/Iron/Oil, instead of the “claimed” 800k protected. Think I’ll demolish the Warehouse to see if this fixes the bug.

    1. Yeah, just registrate another email-account. If you don’t have a second device and don’t want to login and out everytime, download Bluestacks (Android Emulator) and install M.S..

  4. So if I’m in another state and I get someone that is a higher lever to join my alliance can they teleport where I am in a different state

    1. No. The absolut rule is level 5 and below can teleport. The only time higher levels can teleport is during a State vs State kill event, and even then only for a limited time.

    2. No. The absolute rule is level 5 and below can teleport. The only time higher levels can teleport is during a State vs State kill event, and even then only for a limited time.

  5. I am at HQ Level 13 and haven’t logged into a EW account yet. I am worried that logging in will result in all of my progress being deleted. Does anyone know if it will delete everything?

    1. If you have not CREATED a EW account and create one for that account you will not lose anything. If you have a previous EW account and you log into it WITHOUT making a new one for the current account you will lose it.

          1. Is the passwordthe 4 digit pin or did iI make a passwordbbecause I can’t remember or find any place that says passwordrecovery

  6. I am a level 29 commander with over 356k in power. I have researched multiple items in the research facility but yet when I attack a base I never kill any troops. I have attacked the same base 4 times in a row eliminating all of their traps, troop, and resources and still no kills.

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong…or what I need to do differently. Thanks in advanced

  7. After I capture a commander, can I ask for a reward for their release. I don’t have elimination option yet. How do I squeeze the command for more rewards?

    1. You can ask for a reward for immediate release of their commander.

      Losing your commander for any length of time does significantly reduce your effectiveness in Mobile Strike.

  8. Is there some way to get a complete list of “Base Missions”? I want to see what they all are because you can pnly see what is on your screen, but other “Base Missions” show complete when they are completed.

  9. I started a new game. The only problem is I can’t build a gold mine because my previous game is assigned to my FB account. I went in and deleted the game off my FB but I still can’t build a gold mine. How do I delete the first game and get it off my FB so I can continue with my new game? Or do I have to make up a fake FB account so I can build a gold mine?

    1. My personal opinion is that whilst you are leveling traps are a complete waste of resources. I do not build, or even research traps until HQ 21 (unless on a specific trap build). They do have their place with trap account builds and in the later game.

      Whilst you are working your way up to HQ 21 you will probably be under various attacks from high level players, who simply wipe your entire walls clean in one hit.

      Unless you are prepared to shield 24/7, I really don’t see the point in building any. You are better off training more troops with decent hospital cover.

  10. Hi Kane, you seem to know your stuff!!!

    Can you tell me why when i attack i only kill traps and not troops?

    Also weapons, boots and vest etc etc are they for the commander only?

    so if i have a grande laugher lv13 there is no pint manufacturing a lv 3 pistol as the commander can only hold one gun?

    Please advise


    1. If the player has hospitals to cover their troops, you won’t get any kills attacking their base.
      Yes equipment is for the commander only.
      You will want different equipment for different situations. I.e. Research equipment, defense equipment, attack equipment etc

    1. Hi General Kane!

      1. Does weapon M63, which was manufactured at commander level 40 (If I remember correctly), enhance trap attack during defense or while attacking people’s base? Also tell me about this fortification mod.

      2. As I have unlocked T2 traps so far, should I build only them or should I mix up with T1 traps too? I feel pissed off when T2 traps are all blown off at one attack from T3/T4 troops? And is there any strategy to maintain traps?

      3. How does troop defense. attack boosts differ from health mod during attacking and while defending?

      Thank you.
      Hoping to meet you during KE. (LOL)

  11. I understand that you get commander bonuses for having your commander involved in an attack, but do you still get the bonuses if he isn’t there for the attack. For example: You commander is in the process of hitting a rebel and your base get hit. Do your troops in the base have the commander bonuses?

    1. Your commander must be present in a deployment/your base for the troops to get the bonuses.

      So if your base is hit and your commander is not in your base, you don’t get the bonuses.

      You can test this out because if your commander has deployment speed bonuses or gathering, you will notice the deployment with your commander moves quicker and gathers faster.

  12. How can we use Coin resources? I don’t see much if anything on that only to pay a reward to have my Commander released. Can I buy anything with it or use it in some other way?

      1. I currently belong to an alliance that has an inactive leader along with some members. They have been non responsive to mail and chat for weeks now. Is there a way around this? We only have 53 members with about 9 mill. Power and i am just over 4mill. On my own. I have some active members looking to me to lead them and i cant do a proper job and not be the leader. Also i dont see a tab under alliance to start my own alliance. Am i to assume its because im currently in one? Thanks for your time and help.

        CAPN A Reliable Alliance

  13. I can’t login into my account on Mobile Strike I have tried everything I can think of and EW support is not being much help any ideas?

      1. Hi Kane,
        I lost my cellphone and I can’t login using ew account in other device
        How to get my previous game in other device help me please

  14. OK I had a tablet failure during pin logon and In am locked out of my account. Even though the game said I would received a email I never got it. The game has my proper email address. Even trying to get the game to send me the pin doesn’t work. I can locate any game support to recover or reset my pin. Can you assist????

  15. I’m currently having a similar problem, I logged out of my account to create a farm. I made a new email address to create a new EW account for the farm however the verification email isn’t arriving in my new email address In neither my inbox or spam folder, so I am unable to log out so I’m currently stuck on the farm account unable to access my main account.

    Have you checked your spam folder? If not I would check there, if you have you’re probably best doing what I currently am and contacting support at [email protected]

  16. I txt in state chat and I can see it but no one else can. Making trying to learn how to play this game very hard. I’m ready to delete it

    1. You have to have at least 100k power to be seen in state chat. Not sure why 100k is the magic number

      .probably to weed out trolls

  17. Connor. Thanks for the email address for Epicwar support. I emailed them over
    10 hours ago with no response yet. I’m not about to go in and start a whole new game.
    Guess they don’t care.

    1. I am having same issue, I got a new I phone and now can’t log into my account. Can only log into farm account and I am not receiving the email for main account in email. How did you get account back please help thanks

  18. I have a lvl 10 HQ.
    I am trying to completely destroy an enemy base along with other allies. we can’t seem to completely destroy it.
    there is no more damage being done.

    1. I started this game on an iphone and just installed it on the Mac
      When I start it up it commences from level 1
      How do I sign into the Mac as an existing user
      I have an EW account with a code on the iphone
      but dont know where to enter it on the Mac
      thanks for assistance

  19. General Kane, I just bought a new galaxy tablet and wanted to sign in there with my email address and password. It just keeps taking me back and restarting the process. On my other account is have a level 14 and want to go into that account but it won’t let me. It just makes me start from the bottom again. And I did go to the EW account.

    1. I am so pissed off i broke my phone and bought a newone I have an ew account for an existing mobilestrike account and in forgot my password.it keeps emailing me “congrats” we found your account click link and go log in and info will be sent to mailbox provided and when I click link and go to log in nothing.its total bullshit I spent over $1k into my base am level 2016 miles power maxed research now they want me to just give up on it and start a new one because that’s the way it seems no response except the dumb ass automated one they keep sending.what should I do?!!

  20. I have already started a game and have gotten my HQ to level 11 is there a way to get an EW account and keep the account I’m on?

  21. Is gift level the same for all people in the alliance and if so does that mean if you join a different alliance you will start at their current gift level?

  22. My level 41 commander was executed. If I recruit new do I keep old weapons or do I have to start over?

    My hall of heroes is level 12. I don’t have 6k in gold for med kit. Is it cheaper to recruit new and make new weapons and accessories?


    1. You will lose some xp if you hire a new commander, but you will still keep all of your old equipment. Do you have enough loyalty to purchase a med kit in the alliance store?

  23. I started an alliance a while ago, sent some invitations then switched to open recruitmen. Member numbers ran up to 100 ( I guess that’s the maximum). Since then, I’ve kicked a few members who weren’t active and revoked the invitations that hadn’t got a response, so total members now 88. Problem is, when I revoke the invitations they disappear but next time I look at the “Invitations Sent” screen they are still shown. The system won’t let me issue any more invitations – message given that all available slots are already allocated to members or invitations. Any ideas how to get around this?

    1. When you download the game on a new device, it automatically starts a new account. To use the same account you go to the more tab>EW account>sign in. This will override the account you just started on that device.
      Make sure you have made the account on the original device so it transfers over.

  24. Can’t log into account the takes me straight to pin code i try and enter it but not the right code? Ive only had one pin..ever…….
    I’m not physically logged in however I still get notifications as if I am

    I have 3 accounts cannot log into any of them……. Help?

  25. Hey so what can I do if I dropped my old phone in water and never made a ew account and want to get the other account on this phone

  26. I created an rss account and am now converting to a trap account. Problem is my rss account is named as such and I want to change it. I’ve changed base name but name on outside of base show account name. Can that be changed…if so how?

    1. That should be the player name change. I believe there are 3 name changes; commander, base, and player changes. Both the base and player changes can be bought in the alliance store for about 5,000 loyalty. A commander name change costs 2,000 gold I believe.

  27. When I go to my account in Member Alliance I don’t have a blue Member or Reinforce button option. I’m at Level 11 and still can’t figure this out. Help please.

    1. You can’t reinforce your own account unless your looking from a different account. The reason why you don’t see those options is because your looking from your account. Everyone else can see it though.

    1. As far as I know there is nothing special other than a post in State and Alliance chat saying you executed a commander. There might be people celebrating in you base perhaps.

  28. I need some major help; a friend of mine just had his Epic War account hacked by an anonymous user. What confuses me about this situation is that you have to get your victim’s email or 3rd party social media account information. In order to do that, there would have to be some sort of Epic War Email-Cracking software (which I have looked for. It doesn’t exist according to Google). Also, there is no way of getting that information using a victim’s player name in Mobile Strike. Also, the only other possible way I can think of would be that my friend gave the hacker his information (which he didn’t). Is there a factor or variable that I’m missing from the equation? How did a hacker break into my friend’s EW Account? And if I was wrong about any information stated here in this comment, can someone point it out for me? I need some answers. My alliance is in potential danger because of this hacker. He has hacked into multiple accounts as well.

  29. Hi?!! I’ve seen this question asked a bit.. But I’ve contacted support to no avail!! I have a main account which I registered in EW very early on to be able to purchase and verify my account.. I have now created a farm account on the same device and now I am unable to get back into my main account!! The previously verified accounts, keep appearing as ERROR wrong valididation code, also saying I’ve used the wrong e-mail to log in!!? I have contacted support and am just replied with another validation for the main EW account, which is then shown as an error!! I am concerned I won’t be able to return to my main base and have tried reinstalling app..plus many other things, any ideas?? Thanks..

    1. hi i have exactly the same problem, main account verified and purchased a pack from the gold store. i read your tutorial about setting up a farm account and now in stuck in farm account and it doesn’t give me the option to log out and go back to my main account, worst of all i can see my base and alliance still there.
      like so many people i have contacted support but no email back!

  30. I did as you suggested with the 10 of everything and you said it would accomplish achievements for me and therefore certain bonuses. I went through building the 10 of everything but it didnt provide me with the bonuses you stated

  31. Locked out of my account due to too many wrong password still hasn’t sent me an email. Why? So how do you unlock it has sent instructions at all. If I delete app and restart the app do I owe where I am at in the game?

  32. Locked out of my account due to too many wrong password still hasn’t sent me an email. Why? So how do you unlock it hasn’t sent instructions at all. If I delete app and restart the app do I stay where I am at in the game?

  33. how to report user who regularly tile hit?
    there are bunch of guys in alliance who only tile hit. they do not gather, are always shielded

  34. One Question from somone who has played the game for awhile..Can the 3 day shields be hacked by indeviduals? I have heard of many people having a problem with a “Glitch” after refusing to help bigger players in the state..

  35. I have a small base as a farm and i have changed phones, i cannot remember which email address i used to create the EW account? how can you help me please because i have spent a lot of money on this base and dont want to lose it.

  36. Curious question: How do I build more defence so that when I attack I am the one that doesn’t lose everything? Do I use boosts or is it the gear I am equipping my commander with?

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