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Mobile Strike | Guides | 10 Tips Every New Player Should Know

Below we have listed the answers to 10 common questions many new players have when starting out in Mobile Strike:-

1. How to Move Buildings in Mobile Strike

To move any building in Mobile Strike you first need to obtain a “building move” item, which can be purchased in the gold store for 500 gold, or the alliance store for 100,000 loyalty points. To use the item you need to tap the “more” button in the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Next select “building swap” in the bottom right. You can now click on any building and move it to any of the green flashing tiles.

2. How to Change your Base Name, Commander Name and Player Name

To change your player name in Mobile Strike (which is the name that appears on the map, in chat and at the top of your profile), you need to purchase a “change player name” item from the gold, or alliance store. This is found under items > special. Use the item and type in a new name, which has to be unique in Mobile Strike.

Your base name is changed by purchasing a “base rename” item and is the name that appears when you tap a players base. This also appears when you send deployments to and from other bases.

Changing your commander name in Mobile Strike is done by purchasing a “commander name” item. Again this is accessed under items in the special category. This will change the name of your commander.

3. How to Unlock Full Auto Mode

In Mobile Strike Full Auto Mode is unlocked by purchasing special gold packs. Once unlocked you can switch between normal and full auto mode in the shooting gallery. Full auto mode will use 50,000 ammo per hit compared to 5,000, but will reward you with 11 times the gifts for each hit. You will also be rewarded with better gold and material prizes. Once you reach the end of 10 rounds you will be able to open multiple creates.

4. How to Unlock Gift Mode

Gift mode allows you to send items purchased with gold to other players in your alliance. This is unlocked by purchasing the appropriate gold pack with gift mode included. Occasionally you will get gift mode and full auto in the same pack. Once activated you can click on any alliance member and send them speed ups, resource packs and more, using your own gold.

5. How to Teleport in Mobile Strike

There are two types of teleport in Mobile Strike. The first is a random teleport, which as the name suggests will randomly teleport you to a new location in the state. This is only really useful for making a quick escape from where you are located.

The second is the advanced teleport which will let you choose any free tile in the state to port to. You can purchase both types of teleport in the gold store, under special items and in the alliance store.

Random teleport is activated by clicking on the item in your inventory, under the special category. The advanced teleport is activated   by tapping any empty tile on the map and clicking “teleport”.

6. What is a Protected State?

All states in Mobile Strike are currently protected and this is unlikely to change within the coming months, or in fact probably years. All this actually means is that once you get past Headquarters level 5, you are permanently bound to the state you are in i.e. you can never relocate to a different state.

This is to stop high level players teleporting to new states and dominating the state by taking the control point early on. If you are below Headquarters level 6 you will have a beginners teleport which will allow you to teleport to another state. This is lost at HQ6.

7. What is the Control Point in Mobile Strike?

In Mobile Strike the control point is located right at the center of your state map, surrounded by a forest. The control point can be captured by an alliance that attacks and defeats the current occupiers.  The leader of the alliance that takes the control point becomes the Head of State.

The Head of State can assign certain titles to any players in the state. Some good titles increase troop stats and economics and the bad titles reduce the stats of the player. The Head of State also receives 10% of coin received by all other alliance leaders in the state and 200,000 alliance funds every day.

Once captured the control point has to be held by the alliance for a set period of time known as the contested timer, before it locks down. Once in lockdown no players can attack for a further period of time.  After this timer runs out it becomes contested again, allowing players to attack once again.

8. How to Increase Your Rebel Target Level?

Increasing your rebel target level, allows you to attack higher level Rebel Targets. To do this you need to spend some time in the Research Facility and specifically the Commander research tree. You must have researched all the abilities directly above the next rebel target level to 4, before you can unlock the next level.

9. How do I Increase my Troop Training Speed?

It’s a common misconception that your Training Ground increases troop training speed. This is incorrect, building more training grounds, or building multiple training grounds does not allow you to train any quicker, it simply lets you add more troops to the training queue i.e. you can train more in a single batch.

Banks are in fact the only building which does increase training speed. Upgrading and building multiple banks will make your troops train quicker. You can also spend points in the Commander tree to increase training speed further.

10. How to Disable the Mobile Strike Tutorial?

Sorry you can’t! Just like similar games such as Game of War and Dawn of Titans, you have to sit through all the tutorials.

I know it is really annoying. You can however close out of the suggested building upgrades, if you don’t want to follow the in game advice.

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37 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Guides | 10 Tips Every New Player Should Know

  1. How can I locate/search a specific player on the map by name instead of his/her coordinates? The hour glass on the map only allows me to enter coordinates..

      1. You need to goto the more screen then look for search you can the search by players name or alliance

      1. Every time I click on them, no matter what’s inside I don’t keep what’s in them. The daily bonus club for 50 gold is the same. I click “claim” and it says I’ve received the gift but then my gold doesn’t increase.

  2. How do i find the coordinated of a fly by night attacker?

    He popped in attacked and before I woke, teleported away.

    I searched by his name but it didn’t give me his coodinates.

  3. Another thing you should know in the shooting range there are two options a 5000 shot and a 50000 shot. Everyday you get a free shot. Guess which one you should take for free

  4. any idea on how to unlock different public images other than the basic ones? i see some in blue with an A in background and some with a gold background

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