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Mobile Strike | Guides | 10 Frequently Asked Questions

mob str - Mobile Strike | Guides | 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past few months I’ve noticed a lot of the same Mobile Strike questions popping up in our comments section, social media accounts and via e-mail.

This FAQ answers to the most frequently asked questions appearing on our site. So in no particular order:-

1. How do I form an alliance, I can’t see the option?

The reason the alliance formation button is not there, is probably because you are already in an alliance. You need to drop out of your alliance and then click on the alliance button at the bottom of the screen. The first tab labeled “create” will let you choose your alliance name, tag and symbol. Click done and your alliance will be formed.

2. I’ve read your base layout guide, but I can’t get anywhere near enough food to support a moderate sized army. What gives?

Chances are your food production boost is no where near high enough. For example I’m currently building a level 15 trap account, which for ease of play I have a pure food setup. I have 21 level 15 farms and a 991% boost to food production. This gives me an hourly income of 1,373,000 food, enough to support over 450,000 T3 troops without going into negative food production.

To get close to 1,000% boost I have the commander skill food production III maxed (still leaving you enough points to max troop training I & II), a 25% food boost active 24/7 and around 250% food boost from some very low quality equipment I manufactured.

3. I’ve heard there is no point in going for a pure food setup, because ultimately I will have too many troops to support.

Yes and no. At some point in the very end game this may be true, but at this point you can just switch to another resource build. The reason food works best for most players, is because it means you can be completely self reliant whilst leveling.

Trying to build, research and train with negative food production, without the support of alliance members or farm accounts, is a pain in the ass whilst you are leveling. For this reason I still recommend food, over and above the other resources whilst you are leveling.

4. I linked my game to the wrong Facebook account. How do I change it?

Okay this is a bit hit n’ miss and may or may not work. There appears to be various bugs linking Mobile Strike to Facebook. The method which some claim has worked is as follows:-

  • Load up Facebook and click on Settings > Apps.  Delete the Mobile Strike App.
  • Log out of the Facebook app on your device and then login to the FB account you want to link to Mobile Strike.
  • Completely exit Mobile Strike App from your device (so the loading screen appears on start up).
  • Click on your Gold Mine and try to link to the new Facebook account.

If you try this and get “The current game is already linked to another Facebook account. Please log in with the correct Facebook account”, then the only other way is to contact support.

Support may be able to help you depending on who ends up dealing with your query.

5. How do I get rid of troops or traps?

For troops, click on your barrack and then select the troop type you want to destroy. Then click on the “stats” button. At the bottom of the screen you should see a “dismiss” button with a slider. Simply drag the slider and dismiss the number of troops you want to get rid of.

For traps you do exactly the same. Simply select the trap type in your wall and click on their “stats”. You then have the option to destroy as many traps as you want.

6. Why do I only get offered $99 packs?

The trick to purchasing packs is to understand that once you buy a certain priced pack, you will never be offered a cheaper one (okay maybe on very rare occasions).

Example: you buy a $5 pack, then a few days later you buy a $20. You will never be offered a $5 again.

However, if you buy a $5 pack and then wait a week or so, chances are you will be offered another $5 pack to get you spending again.

Now this doesn’t work indefinitely, but in the past I have managed to get 4-5 $5 packs, before moving up to the $20 packs and repeating. The key is to have patience and wait for those cheap packs to appear. The length of time you have to wait does appear to be quite random.

Unfortunately if you have already purchased a $99 pack, chances are that’s all you will be offered. It’s still worth remembering for alt accounts.

7. Is Full Auto Mode worth it and how do I unlock it?

Yes. Full auto mode allows you to spend 50,000 ammo per hit, but the rewards are around 11 times more than standard mode. Therefore you will get on average 10% more rewards with full auto. The chest reward at the end of each stage offers you multiple chests, in a mini game a bit like mine sweeper.

Finally,  every day you are offered a free ammo round. With full auto mode this is the equivalent of receiving 50k free ammo every day, compared to 5k on normal mode (thanks maztadont for pointing this out).

More importantly, the points you score in challenges are usually significantly more in full auto mode, compared to standard mode.

You unlock full auto mode by purchasing special gold packs. Once it’s unlocked you keep full auto mode permanently and can switch between normal/full auto whenever you want. Whilst it is usually only available in the most expensive packs, it is offered in some of the cheaper packs every now and then. Sometimes it even turns up in the $5 packs, so keep a look out!

8. How do you use “Building Move” items?

Click on “More” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and then hit “Building Swap”.

9. How do I move to a Protected State?

If you are past Headquarters level 5 you can’t move to a protected state. As as all states are currently protected, that means you are stuck! No amount of begging, or pleading with support will ever let you move state after HQ5. Your only option is to start a new game.

10. Why the hell do I only get Screwdrivers, Multi tools and other materials related to Economy Gear ?

It seems since the Economy Gear was released, the materials needed to manufacture economy equipment are dropping like crazy from all resource tiles. This is making it harder to get the standard materials needed to build most of the normal gear.

I can confirm that the standard materials are still dropping from resource tiles, just a lot less than before. I suggest using Daily and Alliance Chances to try and get standard materials from missions, rather than resource tiles, until this is fixed.

Any more questions? Ask away in the comments below and I’ll try and help you out.

General Kane

171 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Guides | 10 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The full auto mode does offer free 50K of ammo run daily over a 5K ammo free run in the normal mode. This is a significant extra. And yes I got it via a cheap offer so for me best buy in the game.

  2. Is there a central game time/clock and where can I find it. In the Blogs when it talks about svs it states that it will start on such and such day at 12.00pm pst. What time zone is pst and how can I relate it to my time zone, I know that im about 24hrs in front but knowing to the minute how this time relates to mine would be good.

    1. You’re prolly not high enough in levels. As soon as you reach a certain level new buildings become available. Might be a little late with the answer but maybe not for the next player

  3. Hi there, I love your informative posts. Keeps a noob like me in the know lol I was wondering if you can do an in depth article about defending and attacking. Like the deciding factors that will let you win battles.

    Thank you for your posts you’re doing a great job!?

  4. Hi General,

    Just wondering if it would be beneficial to try getting to know the states around our similar age in order to build bonds/allies for the global CP…when we are ready to take that on (which will be awhile).


    1. I know I’m not General but I can answer this. It is more advised to talk to individual people. But the Global CP is more of States versus together in my opinion. Having a whole state ally with another would be impressive but I don’t think it will happen, unless you create really powerful alliance with family alliances in other states.

    1. You look at the power points it gives and then multiply it by the points per power in the event. If it does not show up then you receive zero points.

  5. Hi,
    i have a question about attack and defense boost of traps and troops… i didnt understand very well how these boosts work… for exemple, attack traps bost (that i found in research) what does it do? does it improve the damage that MY traps do to the enemy troops, or it improves the damage that MY troops do to the enemy traps? the same for traps defense.
    And also for boost of attack and defense troops that i can activate for 12 or 24 hours… can you explain to me how does all these items work? thanks so much

    1. Your traps. Those boosts give overall boost. If you’re attacking you want attack boost on. Defense boost for taking hits. Health basically gives you troops more hit points before they die.

    1. So am I, I have been on holiday for a week, came back, logged on no problem, but then it won’t load, I’ve tried about 100 times. Anyone know why? And how I can get back on? Cheers.

      1. I’m stuck at 56% for hours on end, never loads past that anymore unless I jack my neighbors wifi. I’d love to know a fix to this as well.

  6. Why can’t I teleport to another state even if my hq is lvl 5 and I have a beginner’s teleport left??

    1. maybe you have used another teleport, casual or advanced…. when you start with a new account you can teleport only once with beginner teleport… after that, even if you use a casual or advanced teleport, you will never be able to jump in another state, even if you have still a beginner teleport.

  7. Im wondering how the masters hammers work I cant find details annnyywwhheerree. Im wondering if its as easy as it says or if there is a catch like on COD. Hit level 50 and you have to get all the xp to complete level 50 type deal.

  8. hello
    after i was attacked, i was able to re-do my “Sandbag Trap Defenses”… however i couldn’t/can’t do the same for the barbed wire, trip wire & tank trap…they were NOT “locked” but instead had the “red circle with a diagonal line”.

    what is that ?


    1. This is wrong… it means your trap capacity is full. If your wall holds 50,000 traps and you build 50,000 sandbags, you can’t build any trip wires. You must destroy some sand bags to build trip wires, and so on and forth.

  9. I have not been able to buy gold for 4 days. I want to buy a package, but the option is not available to me on my note 6 or my galaxy s5 phones. I can’t find anywhere on this site to buy gold, either. What is the problems?

  10. Hi I really need a help..how can we start to chat with diff state ?? I’ve enter the diff state but can’t find any state chat other than mine..

  11. How do I get rid of items to open up slots in my inventory? I had an option to break them for parts but I can’t seem to find it again or I used it up… Whatever “it” is.

    1. would like to see answer to this, i can’t use new gear sets as i am at maximum slots in my inventory this really sucks as can’t improve my commanders presets!

  12. I bought some packs but I’m fed up with my account now. Is there away I can start a knew account or base or anything without losing the money invested?, I would even settle for server change.

    1. No – unfortunately not. However, apart from wanting to change server and some very specialist builds (such as trap accounts), there really is no way to “mess up” an account.

      If you want to start a fresh then leave your alliance, delete all your contacts, change your base, player and commander name and then port to a random location.

  13. I have a bunch of questions

    When do you think commander level 60 will be released? Is there a t1 and 2 nerf already programmed in?
    What do you think is required for rally traps?
    Can you post any info on manufacturing times for items, I do know that you get some idea on the times based on the gold cost for instant build….but a more accurate time would be good….
    How long before cores that are really powerfull are released?

  14. I’m at HQ 21 with T4 troops got all my troop health maxed 10/10 , got level 6 troops health bonus Mod installed to my equip. , in commander skill tree all my troop health is maxed but darn it while attacking I’m still getting my troops killed with no injuries !! where I’m going wrong?

  15. Hello all . I have a problem i think the game is not loading for me compleatly , the game text is changed and i cant understand anything. I have redownloaded and even made factory reset ,but nothing helped.

    1. john, That is an introductory offer. You won’t see that again. If you go all the way down the list of gold purchases, you will see some gold sales for 5 or 10 dollars but there’s not much there worth buying.

  16. I have 2 accounts 2 different devices , I lost one device which was my cell phone now I got a new cell phone how do get my account back if possible, I don’t have facebook, I invested a lot of money don’t wanna lose it

    1. You can just log in on new device with account name and pass. You will be promoted to verify thru email that the new device is yours then you’re good to go

  17. I have a farm account on a kindle. I would like to move it to an I phone that has an ew account already on it. Can this be done

    1. Yes all you have to do is log out of the account already on the phone and log into your farm account on the phone

  18. Good morning, where and how can I use the special mods like the discipline mod? I can’t figure that out, thanks

  19. I keep manufacturing gear and keep getting lower level gear in return costing me millions in coins and high level materials, am i doing something wrong?

    1. You are using up your higher level materials. Combine some lower level ones or
      , if you’re out, save them up for a while.

  20. I have purchased a few packs and have a good amount of cores and accessories. I have tried to combine them but most of my legendary ones are dimmed. It says I need to free up space in my armory inventory. Can anyone tell me how this can be done? Thanks for any help you provide

      1. I changed my password and email recently and when I go to open my app on my galaxy note 5 it says I’m using the wrong email. I’ve tried everything and can’t log into my lvl 17 base 15 million power. Help how can I retrieve or reset if I can’t remember which email I used????

  21. I just received a bunch of alliance gift boxes. Does this mean someone in my alliance spent money? Or will opening each box charge me money?

  22. How do I easily open 1000 crates in 1 tap? I’ve been tapping 4 consecutively but it’s still a pain in the a$$.

    1. It kills your commander in 12 hours. Quicker then waiting to see what the enemy will do with your captured commander.

  23. Hello recently I can’t seem to load up ms from my tablet or phone to play. It keeps coming up with connecting to chat service but it doesn’t. The game eventually loads but I can’t access chat functions, only using mobile data turned on. Please help have reloaded game but it doesn’t work???

  24. I think its really unfair how mobile strike works. I don’t play it myself but my boyfriend is on it constantly, he probably is one of the most dedicated players on there. He works hard to get his achievements and to try and better himself. Then you have players who have lots of money and can buy their achievements and making them higher levels than the people who don’t have money. Most of them haven’t a clue how to play the game. we don’t have money but my boyfriend knows the game inside out and everything he has achieved is by his dedication, playing long hours and patience. its wrong, there should be big rewards for people like him giving them the chance to get what people with money can get. it seems your only interested in the money side of it and that’s unfair.

  25. For some reason I can not so anything in the Movlie strike game, I am logged in but unable to do thing. How can I fix this?

    1. Pending on your HQ level there are a
      Certain amount of help slots. If all those slots have been used you can not go beyond that.

  26. I purchased a gold pack. Are the items supposed to automatically appear &, if so, how long does it normally take? Thanks for your help!

    1. You need to be active, and participating/helping your alliance (RSS, blackwings, etc…). The people who can promote you is the commander and Rank 4s, so work on a positive relationship with them as well

  27. Does anyone know why missions don’t drop materials any more? Or is it only when you reach HQ 22? I have not been receiving materials from missions for a couple of weeks now.

  28. Started new game on lvl 3 Headquarters. Have used my teleport to move to another state, but all it shows is a big circle spinning in different colours at the ROMO Tilted missile, been like that for an hour now.???

  29. I bought the Daily Club bonus that was good for 30 days, upgraded to the Elite Plus 7 days in. Was advertized that I will get the remainder of my daily club and an additional 30 days of daily club, after the 7 days of Elite everything stopped lost 53 days of bonus and perks, have submitted several tickets and sent emails. Also even got Google Play involved and still have not received a refund or my 53 days of bonus and perks. Anyone else having a problem like this? or know how to get this fixed? Going on a week now.

  30. Guys how can I find RESOURCE BUNDLES and PORTABLE GENERATORS? They are required to manufacture some good economy gear!

  31. Hi General.! WOULD you possibly be able to tell me how or where to aquire uranium for the atom cutter weapon? CAN’T find it anywhere and I’ve been searching for weeks. I’m over 300 mil in power but can’t seem to aquire anywhere.. Thank you

    1. You get them in lvl 7 and sometimes in lvl 6 rebel tiles. Lvl 7 are unfortubately in forest centre core areas only. So if your not in the ruling alliance they are hard to get and take a lot to kill. Then you get a legendary crate and you might find one in that.not always. At 20k service commendations this seems an insurmountable way to get them and may take an extraordinary length of time.

      It would be nice if commander energy was cheaper and could be added to alliance stores. It may still take time, but at least one could play at a reasonable energy cost. It costs to much in gold for to little energy. You can easily spend 50k plus per kill, just to get one lousy service commendations. You can do the math from there. There are other rewarrds, but all in all not worth it for the cost of gold to energy ratio.

      As I said a fairer return would be cheaper energy. And something along the lines of 1-5 bats have 1-5 service commendations respectively after you reach level 60 commander. Lv 6 possibly 7 sc’s and lv 7 10 sc’s. That would still create a lot of kills required and time and effort. But would turn into a major goal and something worth fighting over. But hey that might just be me.

      In short don’t bother, it cost way to much and would take a very long time under present setup.

      Hope that helped. If anyone knows of more ways to obtain them please correct me and do an add reply.

  32. Hello, was wondering u can help me out, a friend of mine stopped playing and gave me his account, i changed emails but i never received the conformation link..

    ive contacted support to no avail..

    What can i do?

  33. I have an inbox notification, but when I go to check it there is nothing there. I’ve tried restarting and clearing caChe in app manager, but it’s still there and won’t go away. Any way to clear the notification? My OCD won’t let me ignore it.

  34. I love playing this game but I don’t have time to play it right now while I’m studying for my nursing classes. Is there a way I can log out and not be attacked until I can get more free time? I don’t want to lose the power and progress I’ve made so far buy I can’t keep up with my shields right now either.

  35. Where is “Troop attack with commander I lvl. 1”
    It says you have to complete it to go further in battle tactics but hell if I can find it!

  36. My mission says to get help from alliance I’ve tried building researching and pressing help but nothing works do you know what I can do

  37. I have a complete Inhalation Core gear set in my inventory that i obtained in a pack. This is in the available section, i swaped it in. How do i equip comm. With it. Also can i put it in a comm. preset? I push piece of gear it only asks how many to discard.

  38. I used to be able to queue a lot of troops at once to build but now for some reason I can only queue 14k-17k. Any idea why?

  39. In my items it says I have 10 individual 600,000 holiday ammo things to use. I used one of them but have no idea what it is for or where it went to. I checked in the shooting gallery or whatever it is called because that seemed like the logical place it would be used but it isnt there… Anyone?

  40. i have wrongly Put a Mod in a Gear.
    but uninstall it by using screw driver
    now i lost it
    it apperas in manufacture>Mod>Special Mod
    but when i got to the Gear Mod Selection Menu
    it not appear there
    how can i get back this?

  41. I’m having a serious problem with the error message “Maximum Equipment slots reached”. Because, in my ignorance as an early player, I kept adding the 4 at a time Equipment slots every time I got a grate of new Equipment. But one day I got the dreaded “Maximum Equipment Slots Reached” Notice, and from then own, I can’t use any of the Newer and more powerful equipment that I acquire or even the stuff I’ve Purchased!! It’s so frustrating. I have gone into the Armory and DISCARDED EQUIPMENT, Combined Equipment, even did the Master Combines, thinking that would surely free up some inventory slots. But still get that message. Someone please help!!

  42. How do you delete alliance comments? I tried blocking the account through the alliance, but it still shows up. Blocking the user with my account removed it, but other people can still see it.

  43. I have a question. The title given by the CP do the boosts apply when you go to another state or are they just for the state issued in?

  44. I have over 1,600,000 in power, VIP is 9 and yet I’m still at Rank 1, yet there are others in my Alliance who have less power and have a higher rank? How can I rank up to a 4?

  45. I have a question about mobile strike my power seems to go down slowly and I don’t know why could someone tell me

  46. I can’t do anything because the new update is making my game crash almost instantly. If I do happen to stay in a for a minute or two, it just sends me to the appstore and I have to restart the game anyway. I haven’t been able to do anything worthwhile in the game for two days. Is there a way to make it stop crashing?

  47. ive been playing for a few weeks and my buddy has been playing for about a week. he has extra stuff that i don’t have. he has under his research facility these trees 1) advanced combat 2) advance wall traps 3) battle tactics 4)set bonus 5)building developement 6)mecenary combat 7)mobile ops 8)rebel tactics 9)mobile traps 10)ultimate combat 11)arsenal 12)combat mastery 13)manufacturing 14)mod set bonus…all i have is economics combat wall traps commander and daily mileston rewards…when i go to training grounds i can’t do any of the advanced troops or mercenary troops it tells me to go to research facility to research that specific thing but i have no trees to go into..my friend also has the following buildings on his in which i do not have 1)mobile ops which has the tank zone 2)arsenal plot 3)combat lab plot 4)troop academy 5)covert ops center he also has a few more but i didn’t write them down..so how do i get those items?

    1. I have the same problem I’m level 20 and just found out I should have had that from the beginning now I’m at a huge disadvantage is there anyway to get the other research trees without starting over?

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