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Below you will find a list of tips and guides to help you master Mobile Strike.

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35 thoughts on “Mobile Strike Guides

  1. Hi, i have a question, my Level is 10 and the Base in country #66.
    But my alliance’s friends in country #52.
    how can i move to country #52. because when we separate 2 countrys, we can’t troop together for support each other, it’s so up sad for us.

    I can’t found any solution for that.

    Would you please have advice for that, many thanks for your reply.


  2. Unfortunately there is very little you can do about this. It is a core part of the game mechanics that people cannot move states after level 5.
    Really your only option is for one of you to restart in the others state.

    1. General Kane,

      Hello im am at hq 22 but my gear is not that good, can you please recommend the best attack gear set, infantry, tactical and armor gear sets along with the strongest mod sets to use with each one? Additionally, can you do the same with Core gear for the same sets. I would really appreiciate it. Can you please contact me at the email address below. Thank you.



    2. General Kane,

      Hello General Kane how are you doing? I’m am currently at HQ 22 but my gear is not that good, can you please recommend the best attack gear set, infantry, tactical and armor gear sets along with the strongest mod sets to use with each one? Additionally, can you do the same with Core gear for the same sets. I would really appreciate it. Can you please contact me at the email address below. Thank you.



  3. I have a strategy question. A common strategy is to max out your banks and farms. However, I also read that there is no penalty for failing to produce enough food to maintain your army. We need food to upgrade, etc., but once you get to a certain point (I am at HQ17 with 100k T3 troops) it seems that all of the food I am producing is just getting consumed by my armies. Wouldn’t it be smarter to have a farm base producing food and then transfer that in when I need to upgrade, rather than running like a squirrel on a wheel feeding my troops? I could then use that farm production instead for oil, stone, and iron that is not constantly dissipated by troops. Am I missing something? Thanks for all of your great tips and advice! General Commish190

    1. Yes if you have a separate alt account creating food, then you may as well choose another resource for your main. At some point your army does get so large that you can’t keep up.

      However, at HQ 17 if you still want an easy single account build, with a food hero spec you should be able to get over 1m food per hour.

  4. Hi, I tried to create an alliance and it didn’t give the “you’re done!” Option. I have a level 10 HQ and level 7 vip, is there a certain level I need to be in order to create an alliance? Thank you.

  5. Can you do something on why we can only get coins when we attack people.

    My suspission is because of the warehouse, but I wanted to co firm that before I explained it to ppl In my alliance so they don’t get upset by me

    1. The warehouse protects RSS up to its capacity for Oil Food Stone and Iron but nothing for coin. Therefore you will only get coin when you attack successfully, unless they have RSS in excess of the warehouse in which case you can potentially get all 5 but only the excess.

  6. Hello,

    So I’m in the middle of an oil farm account. Is there a way to calculate what the hourly output is with commander maxed in oil level one,two and three and 18 oil fields at 15?

  7. Can you please do a piece on the best base layout once you hit level 21 and unlock T4s?
    And also comment on the best gear focus once you hit level 21. Is it infantry? Tactical? Armored vehicles? Thanks

  8. Can we still move to another State at level less than 5 but without using a Beginner Teleport. @@ I already use up all those Teleport given at start of the game.

  9. No idea where to file this under but if you attack there is an operational capacity, does the same capacity apply to the defending forces(let’s say 250k at lvl 21)?

  10. Is it possible to get a layout of troop health, defense and attack needed stats to mod/tree for? Just started ms after playing in GoW and looking for target amounts to shoot for. Thanks!

  11. Would you be able to do a write up for being a level 21rally trap base? Minimum troop numbers, best meat shield and boosts etc. thanks, awesome site!

  12. I started a new game to farm without realizing that I had never confirmed my EW account. My level 21 base is now just out there. Any suggestions for how to get it back? EW support doesn’t reply – not even an auto reply and their phone number is via google voice and doesn’t answer.

    Thanks for any suggestions. Wish I had looked for and found this site before.

  13. I a
    Accidentally banned one of my R4″s from the R4 chat room, how do I undo it, I tried by going into the chat room and re-inviting her, but it wouldn’t let me. Said that she had to un banned first, how do I fix this please?

    1. in the members section of the room, tap the banned tab, the name should be in there, tap that name,in the options at bottom that comes up select Owner, the option to unban will be there, tap that and voila, unbanned ?

  14. How I can change the email and keep all my base like I wanna link other email to my account and remove the old one can you help ??

  15. Hi,
    What can coin be used for? I have millions in coin but am constantly having to go and collect oil and stone. I’ve managed to get to Level 20 hq but am now struggling to get resources to build everything else to level 20, and to train more troops or research.

  16. Hi General Kane, Can I please get a list of the best up to date gear sets for troop attack, Trap Attack and Defense, and Infantry, Tactical, and Armor and with the best mod sets for each one. Additionally, can I get the same list except with Core Gear with the best Mod Sets. Thank you.



  17. Not being rude, but your website is far outdated. You should pull some off your information off or update it. It can be very misleading to new players.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to update it, or go through and work out what content is out of date.

      The only option is for me to find someone else to update it (which I’ve struggled to do) or take the whole site down, but there is a lot of data and guides that are correct and useful.

  18. Where do I need to look to see who I sent commander support to and time left?? And how do I find who sent me support and time left??

  19. Grl. Kane, Sir!

    BlueGypsy at your service! I regret to inform you that it appears your /beginners page is down at the moment. I bein belong toa beginner’s alliance and I’m sending ALL of my noobs to your site.

    I realize this might be overwhelming your site providers, for which i apologize (not really) but your site is THE ultimate for info on how to play *work* the game!

    Can I give my troops ANY idea as to when the page might be up again, Sir? It’d be MUCH appreciated! Learning VERY much from your site, Sir!

    BlueGypsy, at your service!

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