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Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls

mobile strike walls - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls
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In Mobile Strike your walls provide additional protection against attacks, by housing traps that can kill attacking troops.

Upgrading your walls increases their capacity, allowing you to store more traps. Once your walls are at level 21 you will be able to store 125,000 traps and will also receive a bonus to trap attack of 10%.

When your base is attacked, your traps are added to your defending troops when calculating whether the attacker or defender wins. Having more higher level traps can significantly tip the odds in your favor, killing more of the attackers troops and resulting in less losses for the defender.

You should also spend some time researching trap attack and defense boosts at the research facility, to improve your traps further. New traps can also be unlocked through research.

You are required to level up your walls to the same level as your Headquarters, before you upgrade your HQ. Walls take a huge amount of stone to upgrade in the later levels, more than any other building in Mobile Strike.

The table below has the build cost for each upgrade level from 1 to 21, the build time (before boosts), buildings required and the power rewarded.

Walls Building Requirements

mobile strike level - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls
mobile strike oil - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls
mobile strike stone1 - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls
Mobile strike food - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls
mobile strike iron bar - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls
blank place filler - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls
blank place filler - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls
Mobile strike power - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls
1 0h 0m 0s
2 1,440 1,800 900 540 0h 3m 30s 90
3 2,592 3,240 1,620 972 0h 7m 0s 90
4 4,666 5,832 2,916 1,750 0h 14m 0s Armory 4 150
5 8,399 10,498 5,249 3,150 0h 28m 0s Armory 5 210
6 16,798 20,996 10,498 6,300 0h 56m 0s Armory 6 330
7 33,596 41,992 20,996 12,600 1h 56m 0s Armory 7 510
8 60,473 83,984 37,793 27,720 3h 55m 12s Armory 8 750
9 134,384 184,765 71,386 45,360 7h 16m 48s Armory 9 1,140
10 221,734 226,757 100,781 75,600 14h 11m 12s Armory 10 1,710
11 272,128 377,928 160,619 124,740 17h 28m 19s Armory 11 2,580
12 453,546 623,581 255,101 153,090 22h 2m 30s Armory 12 3,870
13 748,351 765,304 425,169 255,150 1d 3h 5m Armory 13 5,820
14 918,431 1,275,570 701,529 420,998 1d 10h 50m Armory 14 8,730
15 1,530,719 2,104,587 1,100,126 516,679 1d 18h 44m Armory 15 13,110
16 2,525,687 2,582,903 1,721,936 861,132 1d 20h 35m Armory 16 19,680
17 3,444,119 4,304,837 2,152,418 1,291,698 2d 14h 25m Armory 17 29,550
18 5,166,179 6,457,255 3,228,626 1,937,547 4d 3h 53m Armory 18 44,310
19 7,749,269 9,685,886 4,842,948 2,906,321 7d 11h 47m Armory 19 66,480
20 11,623,904 14,528,829 7,264,422 4,359,482 13d 11h 37m Armory 20 99,750
21 17,435,856 21,793,244 10,896,633 6,539,223  53d 22h 30m Armory 21 149,610
Total 52,173,376 65,212,193 32,606,086 19,567,378 444,630

The figures in red have been extrapolated based on previous level data. Whilst the data should be broadly correct, the red numbers may differ slightly from the actual game figures.

We will update with accurate figures (in black) as we can verify them. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Mobile Strike by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

6 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Buildings | Walls

  1. I’m having a hard time with traps. Sandbagging works fine, but trying to build anything second tier like barb wire or tank traps is impossible. Spent hours in research unlocking these things, but when I go to my wall they light up and open fine, but the build button is always grey. Tried building my resources and commander – nothing helps. Wasn’t bad early on, but I’m almost to level 10 and most of my time is spent trying to figure out how to defend the darn thing. I’m getting tired of buying 8 hour shields and hiding until they go away. Once these traps are activated what’s the trick in actually getting them to build?

    1. As soon as you unlock a trap you should be able to build it in your walls (assuming you have the resources). However, traps take a long time to build and can be destroyed very quickly. You are better off concentrating on training troops and researching abilities to improve your troops in the early game.

      1. Hey, thanks for responding. So, I guess it’s not me – it’s a glitch.

        There lies the problem. The game is based around the help wizard guiding me through an orderly required build sequence, not only to guide for smoother growth, but to give me required gifts. Without direction I’m at a disadvantage as I go up. Defense is half the game. It’s like walking with a cast on your leg – yeah, you can get the job done, but you won’t win any races. Not a good place to be in a competitive game. Besides, the thought of the pop ups and hand on the screen urging me to buy trip wires forever would drive me nuts.

        I first noticed when I was at level 7. I attacked a 7 who was using trip wire and tank trap D and thought, “Hey that’s cool, he stopped me dead, wish mine worked, oh well”, and just kept playing, Today after building my Level 10 HQ I need it for the game to work past just being novel. I’d like trip wires and tank traps, sandbags count as kills.

        Just sent off my third email, sent the first at 7, to the people for direction. This is no longer a minor glitch that can be ignored. Do you have a contact with these guys? Do they have a customer service? I guess i can just hobble on until they respond or find something else to do if they don’t. I should probably give it more than a week – I have time and money invested at this point.

        Thanks for getting back to me. Man, I hope I don’t have to start over.

          1. Thanks for the offer – figured it out. I just knew it was going to be something so simple it would be stupid simple. What I failed to realize was all the second tier and beyond traps have to share the capacity of the sandbags – you can’t just max out sandbags and then add to it. My usual strategy on huge time drain items is to just go max and let it build when I’m not playing. I never like to use speedups on things that can be lost. I decided to drop the trap level…what do you know, I can build barb wire now.

            Thanks for your help – it really got me thinking.

            I know the strategy of traps and quick shields work, but it can be zero sum. This last anything goes challenge my little level 8 with full sand trap and 4k troops withstood the initial blast of 46,000 – took out all my traps and half my resources, but none of my guys – while he lost 300+. On paper this was a loss, but this challenge only troop death counted. He hit me once and I put up an 8 hour. Earned a bronze for the alliance, just out of dumb luck.

            Again, thanks – this is a cool site.

  2. Question. Do the walls themselves provide protection, or is it just the traps. Not sure if the walls protect and allow traps to help or if the walls just provide space for the traps.

    Not really explained anywhere.

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