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Mobile Strike | Buildings | Vault

mobile strike buildings vault - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Vault
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In Mobile Strike the Vault allows you to deposit gold for either 1 day, 3 days or 7 days. Once your deposit matures you will receive your original gold back, plus interest in the form of extra gold!

Upgrading the vault allows you to increase the amount of gold you can invest and the interest rate, offering you greater returns.

Unlike the other buildings in Mobile Strike, the vault can only be unlocked and upgraded by purchasing gold packs. To unlock the vault you can purchase any pack (including the cheapest). To upgrade each level requires you to buy packs with a certain amount of gold e.g. level 2 requires you to buy a pack with at least 8,000 gold. Later levels require you to buy packs for a certain dollar price.

The daily returns actually work out better the shorter you invest for, but you have to remember to keep reinvesting. i.e. over 7 days you are better off doing seven 1 day investments, than a single 7 day investment.

Level 5 deposit at 1 day works out at 990 gold a day or 29,700 gold a month.

Whilst invested your gold is completely safe and can be withdrawn at any time (although you will lose any interest if you do).

The table below has the build cost for each upgrade level and the rewards granted for your Vault.

Vault Building Requirements

mobile strike level - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Vault
Gold Pack
1 Day Max Deposit 3 Day Max Deposit 7 Day Max Deposit 1 Day  Return 3 Day  Return 7 Day Return
1 Any 1,500 1,500 1,500 10% 20% 25%
2 8,000 1,800 2,200 4,000 15% 30% 37%
3 $49.99 2,500 3,200 5,800 16% 31% 38%
4 $99.99 5,000 6,200 10,000 17% 32% 39%
5 $99.99 5,500 6,800 11,000 18% 33% 40%

At level 5 you also unlock a 14 day deposit which allows you to deposit 12,100 gold. The starting rate is 20% and the bonus is 34% giving you a 54% (6,534 gold) return on 14 days.

13 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Buildings | Vault

  1. If a 8000 gold pack is purchased first, ( with the vault still locked) will lvl 2 be instantly available or will another 8000 gold purchase be required?

    1. That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer as I had already unlocked level 1.

      Personally I would buy the cheapest pack first, just to be sure until someone else confirms.

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