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Mobile Strike | Buildings | Monument

mobile strike monument - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Monument
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In Mobile Strike the Monument allows you to equip insignia that give special bonuses to your base. The unique bonuses stay active for as long as they are equipped in your Monument.

Just like the shooting range the Monument only has one building level. You do need to unlock this first by purchasing any gold pack in the sale. You can do this by purchasing a cheap $5 pack, including the very basic sale packs that are offered no matter how many packs you have bought.


Insignia can also only be purchased from special gold packs in the gold store and come in 6 different qualities: basic through to legendary. You are provided with 4 basic insignia when you first unlock the Monument.

You can combine 4 insignia of the same quality in your Armory to create one high quality level item. It is worthwhile doing this with the 4 basic ones you get from unlocking the monument.

You can equip and unequip insignia at any time. Once activated the boost lasts for a set duration before coming to an end. The example below increases the chance of receiving advanced daily, alliance and VIP missions for 15 minutes (get your VIP active and mission chances ready first). After it expires you have a cool down timer before you can reuse the item. The insignia below has a 1 day cool down before you can reuse.

mobile strike mission insignia - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Monument
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It would have been nice to be able to earn insignia without having to purchase them with real money, but this seems to be the way the game developers are going with a lot of new releases.

If anyone has unlocked any of the higher insignia in Mobile Strike I’d love to hear the stats in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Buildings | Monument

  1. When the level 6 Mission insignia first activated, there was a rush to use them because they threw off about a 40% chance of a Legendary mission, and people were able to mount up 250 million of each resource in the 15 minutes. After a few days of this, it now back to what is a 40% higher chance, which means more like one out of 20. It does not seem worth it now….

  2. What Louis said exactly. I was getting 100 million plus loyalty point per lvl 6 insignia boost. Which is supposed to be plus 50% chance of legendary missions. It was about 50% the first few times I used it. Then it went to about 5,00 loyalty points because almost no legendary missions come up anymore. I sent MS a message telling them this and they said I was using it wrong. I have sent them another message with no response so far. Very aggravating. I think they realized people were getting too much free with this new feature.

  3. I agree … I sometimes don’t even get legendary missions with my lvl6 indignia anymore .. And now the buggers have increased pack prices … It’s not costing them anymore to run the game so ehh such a steep pack price increase … I like the game but it’s getting stupid now

  4. WARNING TO OTHER PLAYERS – A fairly major bug has been encountered by many players in my alliance after unlocking the the Monument. It seems if you unlock the Monument and have a level 22 HQ, the VIP, Alliance, and Basic missions no longer contain Materials or Mods – only commander XP points and resources. Multiple tickets have been opened with MS with no good response yet.

  5. Hi.
    Materials and Mods back. I have base on lvl 22.
    I have another question. Now is a second type of insignia: Rebel slayer.
    Can I use them same time? I mean switch them
    If I switch from mission insignia to rebel do i loose first one? Is possible switch back from rebel to mission insignia and so on?

  6. Can you change the insignia I can’t find a way to do that I have a one on now but I have high level that I would like to use

    States 94 ASCE

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