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Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine

mobile strike gold mine - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine
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In Mobile Strike your Gold Mine generates free gold for your base! This is a must have building and is often overlooked by players.

You receive gold by linking your Gold Mine to your Facebook account. You can do this by clicking a tile outside of your walls and building a gold mine. Before you can start construction, Mobile Strike will ask you to link your account to your Facebook app. You need to be logged into your FB app on your device before you can do this.

Once activated any of your FB friends can gift you 10 gold per day. At level 1 you can receive 5 gifts per day, or 50 gold. At level 21 you can receive 25 gifts of 12 gold per day (the amount increases to 12 gold per gift at level 21), or 300 gold per day. Keep this going every day and you will receive over 9,000 free gold a month!

Now if you don’t have a lot of Facebook friends playing Mobile Strike, the easiest way to do this is to set up a dummy Facebook account and link it to your game. Then you should search for a Mobile Strike Gold group on Facebook. Ideally you want about 100 or so active players to ensure you always receive the maximum number of gifts per day. Don’t forget to return the favor by gifting to other players!

The downside with upgrading your gold mine is that after level 1 (which is free), it requires 1 Golden Jackhammer per level. The Golden Jackhammer can only be purchased from the store for 1,000 gold. It would therefore require 20,000 gold to purchase the required items to get your goldmine to level 21. The payback time to recover this gold is 69 days at 300 gold per day.

Don’t be put off by this as you will get there eventually. For new players it’s still worth getting 50 free gold a day with a level 1 mine.

The table below has the build cost for all 21 upgrade levels, the Headquarters level required, time to build (before boosts) and the power rewarded.

Gold Mine Building Requirements

mobile strike level - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine
mobile strike oil - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine
mobile strike iron bar - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine
mobile strike stone1 - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine
Mobile strike food - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine
blank place filler - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine
blank place filler - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine
Mobile strike power - Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine
1 0h 0m 0s Facebook
2 190 190 190 190 0h 3m 50s Research Facility 2 70
3 361 361 361 361 0h 7m 40s Research Facility 3 105
4 686 686 686 686 0h 15m 20s Research Facility 4 175
5 1,304 1,304 1,304 1,304 0h 30m 40s Research Facility 5 245
6 2,608 2,608 2,608 2,608 1h 1m 20s Research Facility 6 385
7 5,216 5,216 5,216 5,216 2h 2m 40s Research Facility 7 595
8 9,389 11,475 10,432 9,389 4h 17m 36s Research Facility 8 875
9 20,864 18,778 22,950 17,734 7h 58m 24s Research Facility 9 1,330
10 34,426 31,296 28,166 25,037 15h 32m 16s Research Facility 10 1,995
11 42,250 51,638 46,944 39,902 19h 8m 10s Research Facility 11 3,010
12 70,416 63,374 77,458 63,374 1d 0h 8m Research Facility 12 4,515
13 116,186 105,624 95,062 105,624 1d 5h 40m Research Facility 13 6,790
14 142,592 174,280 158,436 174,280 1d 14h 9m Research Facility 14 10,185
15 237,654 213,889 261,419 237,302 1d 22h 48m Research Facility 15 15,295
16 392,129 320,833 427,777 356,481 2d 3h 16m Research Facility 16 22,960
17 481,250 588,194 534,722 614,930 2d 18h 39m Research Facility 17 34,475
18 802,083 721,875 882,291 882,291 4d 7h 55m Research Facility 18 57,655
19 1,323,438 1,203,125 1,082,813 1,203,125 7d 23h 59m Research Facility 19 77,560
20 1,624,219 1,985,157 1,804,688 2,165,626 16d 14h 45m Research Facility 20 116,375
21 2,707,032 2,436,329 2,977,735 4,060,548 67d 22h 29m Headquarters 21 174,545
Total 8,014,293 7,936,232 8,421,258 9,966,008 529,140

The figures in red have been extrapolated based on previous level data. Whilst the data should be broadly correct, the red numbers may differ slightly from the actual game figures.

We will update with accurate figures (in black) as we can verify them. Please feel free to leave any details you have from Mobile Strike by commenting below and we will update the data accordingly.

21 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Buildings | Gold Mine

    1. You build the gold mine in a space outside the wall, then connect your FB account. You have to actually add the people in the group as friends before you are able to gift/receive gold.

  1. For some reason my gold mine is caught in a loop. First time I build it asked me to continue on my Facebook app on my iPad. Now it goes to Facebook and then Mobile Strike over and over again. Every time I click the gold mine. Have no idea what is going on. Any ideas?

  2. So if you are receiving and gifting where is the net benefit. If all I do is receive I get gold but the gifts dry up if you don’t gift back. If I gift back then I am depleting my gold and have no way of telling if I will get it back. Am I missing something here?

  3. I wasn’t going to upgrade my goldmine because of the cost and i don’t have a facebook account. Afer reading your article I made a fake account, went to the gold site you mentioned and started upgrading. I noticed if you upgrade after receiving that days gold it lets you recieve again. So I had enough gold for four upgrades and recieved gold five times in one day.I was on level 2 when I started wich gives you 60gold and upgraded to level 6 receiving 400 gold for the day.

  4. how you could change the facebook you have already link to another one?
    i realize that its better to make a fake one and add everybody there than setting the privicy settings XD

    So, how i could change the facebook that i link first to a new one?

    1. Did you ever figure this out? I contacted ew and they said that I needed to contact FB. I did so and FB told me that I needed to go purchase a minimum $99.99 iTunes card, so that FB could reset there servers, so that mobile strike can connect again. That sounds absurd. Anyone that has some help on this topic, please help?

  5. Does the gold mine sync with Android ? I’ve synced my account and I have friend in my alliance and on my Facebook. And they don’t show up in our mines to gift. .any ideas why ?

  6. I deleted my gold mine building to make space for hospitals…under advice!… now I have someone sending gold through Facebook and cannot collect or send because there isn’t an option to build another gold mine.EW don’t seem to understand my problem…and just keep advising on how to link accounts! Can you help?

    1. Did you ever figure this out? My FB page is linked to a previous copy of mobile strike and I can’t get it to unlink or relink to the present game I am playing.

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