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Mobile Strike is an App created by Epic War LLC for iOS and Google Play.   Epic War is a subsidiary of Machine Zone, the company who brought you Game of War: Fire Age, one of the most successful gaming apps of all time. Mobile Strike is very similar to Game of War and other strategy games such as Lords Mobile and Dawn or Titans, all be it set in a modern day warfare setting, rather than a fantasy world.

Mobile Strike Data is a fan site dedicated to providing you with all the resources and data tables you need to plan your base and be successful in Mobile Strike. We hope to provide you with a fully comprehensive database, providing you with all the information you could ever need on the game.

We have also included a selection of guides designed for beginners and veteran players. If you have any suggestions or requests please feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. hi, when the food is depleted, what will happen to our troops? I was told that nothing happen. So building a lot of farming to cater for the amount of troops will be unnecessary?

    1. It’s correct that nothing happens when you hit zero food, however it is much more difficult to play with negative food production when you are starting out in the game. You will be dependent on alliance members donating food, or careful timing of resource gathering, or buying resources to progress through the game.

      Even a small sized T3 army can easily require 200k+ food per hour. If you are on negative 200k per hour, this means you will not be able to afford any upgrades, or research without gathering food, or trading with alliance members first.

      If you are gathering food for a large upgrade, you will have to save up for the upgrade whilst constantly losing 200k of your food an hour.

      This is a valid strategy for advanced players with good alliance support, but I do not recommend it whilst you are still working your way to HQ 21.

  2. Hello,

    I am ranked a 14. For some reason when I attack bases, i never kill anyone. I defet the base, but no confirmed kills. What am i doing wrong?

  3. I enjoyed the reading, and I love the fact I can finally see all this information in a single consumable format. THANK YOU!

    Request: I loved how you explained the gear for research and construction, can you possible do the same for the standard additional gear as well? I know it’s hard to keep up with all the packs, but if you have a template to follow it would be easier, and then a possible link to each? Just a thought.

    25m Power lvl20hq (currently)
    First SvS kill event tomorrow

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like the site!

      I’d love to set up a full item database, which can be sorted by stats. Unfortunately I’m not exactly sure the best way to go about – I don’t have a great deal of experience with online databases. I am looking into it though.

  4. I can’t sign on. Says my PIN is no good, but I don’t get a email telling me how to reset it.
    No help on any place I see.

      1. I’m pin locked out and I never set one. Tried on other device game opens requiring pin yet none was set and it won’t send email to me with pin

  5. Any plans to do a guide on the Commander skill tree such as is it better to put only 5/15 in Infantry Attack and go for 35/35 in Infantry Attack II or 15/15 and just 5/35.

    1. Yes it is on the ever growing to-do list!

      For Infantry attack the break even mark is 27 points. Up to 15/12 you are between off maxing infantry attack I, with the remaining points in Infantry Attack II.

      After 27 points you are better off putting the minimum 5 points in Infantry attack I and the rest of your points in infantry attack II.

      Obviously this ignores the pre-requisites to get to IA II, but that will depend on what other skills you have unlocked.

  6. Great website. I came here to find info on where to best put points for the Commander Skill tree. All you would need to do would be to the percent boosts for each level. Really great site, thanks again!

    1. Thanks – I do have all the data for every commander skill level, it’s just trying to work out the best way to display the data.

      Ideally I’d like to create some sort of skill calculator, but my Java Script skills are not so good (like non existent!).

    1. Is there any way to quickly locate any particular alliance base without having to contact them? If they transport themselves and I can no longer “see” them in my area then how do I locate them quickly (without having to wait on a reply because they are “living their real life” and not likely to return to the game for 24 – 48 hours or longer).

      Thanks for your help!

  7. Greetings!

    Thanks for all the help here. A guide I would LOVE to see is something that recommends the best value to spend precious gold on for maximum power. Are there certain speedup crates that offer a significant value? I’m lvl 17 w/ 7.5mil power and have 42k gold in the bank I’m not sure how to spend. Troops? Research? Traps? Thanks again…

    1. I do plan to put a guide together on using speed ups and gold to win events. This is in fact the best way to spend your gold, by using it to win events that reward you with more gold.

      You need to choose events carefully, usually a research, or troop training event where the tier 3 prizes have high gold rewards. Preferably when extreme, basic and even state challenges all have the same requirements. You then use your gold to train troops, or buy speed ups for research, to get the top prizes on multiple events.

      At HQ 17 the top events should not be out of your reach yet… but as you get closer to HQ21 you will find this harder to do, due to the increased points required to win events.


    1. Once you have it you can purchase certain items with your own gold for other alliance members. You can’t actually send any of your own items, but you can buy items from the gold store directly for your alliance members.

  9. I know you have an article on attacking during SvS KE, but can you put together a general guide on attacking other bases? I’m still confused about when you’re allowed to shield or port when you’re attacking, especially when someone else much larger ports next to you and is attacking you.

  10. Can you do something on a jumper account please. that would be great Information for wanting to jump accounts that bellow HQ6

  11. I’m not sure if this would be the right place to report unfair behaviour on a clan or Heads of State in PYMO#196. There called FaTe and they are not a fair group to be controlling a state. They use rules to which they don’t follow themselves. I have paid a great deal of time and money to improve my position and they have rules they say no attacking on Mondays you can only farm and the rest of the week you can’t attack unless you are attacked. They have a thing called a Kill Event on weekends ONLY which is when you can attack anyone and it can only start at 5 PST. But today they changed the time at a moments notice by an hour to which gave FaTe and there alliance a unfair advantage and wiped out most of the clans or hives as they call them. Of course they are so powerful nobody stands a chance against them. I thought this game would have been fun and fair play but it’s obviously not. If anything is a disappointment. I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears and if this isn’t the place to share this information that it is forwarded to someone that can look into this. Thank you

    1. The Kill Event is for the entire game not just your state. Your HOS didnt change the time the game makers did. Your R5 should be able to explain that. Read the in-game blog

  12. Hi,
    I’ve just realised on Friday one of my work colleagues is playing this game (finally found someone that is…) however he is in a different state and i want to go join his state and aliiance how exactly am i meant to do this ?? all i get is protected state – he’s about to get his commander to send me an alliance invite but not so sure that’s even going to work.. seems a shame if i cannot change state when i’ve a legimate reason as i could then play the game with a friend rather than never being able to ?



  13. Is there a guide somewhere about which equipment can be manufactured that is best for a farm account? Would be great to know what’s best for increased production of the various resources.

  14. When I look at the balance of my food in the HQ it ticks by showing im adding that resource over time. The others dont seem to move. When it says “overall income” I assume that means per hour, but im not seeing that added for any resource other than food. Wheres my stuff ?

    1. Your capacity limit acts as soft cap for each resource type. Once you hit it you stop producing that resource. If you click on an iron mine it will show you your total capacity. Your mines will only work when your iron is below this level.

  15. What is the ideal number of hospital beds? I figure at first enough for all of your troops, but as your army grows it seems impossible to have enough beds for every troop. Also, is there a way to tell who has first march on a tile? Like if your color flag is on the tile does that mean you had first march? Lastly what is the ideal number of T3 troops to have before you push to level up your base to 21? Current my base is level 19 (17.8 mil power) and I have about 200K T3’s. By the way this is an excellent site I have emailed the website to all my alliance members.

    Thanks Kane!!!!

    1. I don’t think there is an ideal number as it depends on your play style. Some players will get to a point where they decide to scrap hospitals completely. If you have millions of troops, what good does it do to save a few hundred thousand? Generally the more troops you have, the less important hospitals become, unless you have a trap account.

      With a tile march, both players will receive the same warning the moment the second player sets their deployment. There is no way to prove who marched first, but generally if you set your deployment and it immediately flashes red then you were probably second.

      It’s more to do with the amount of research you have completed, rather than troop numbers before you push ahead to 21. Using events to complete a large amount of research is much hard the higher your HQ level is.
      If your main goal of getting to 21 is to unlock T4 troops, then take a look at the requirements first and try to max all the prerequisite research at your level first.

  16. I was wondering if you heard anything about the new Black Market coming soon? They put out a blog on it but it was very vague.

  17. How do I permanently delete the mission strike account please so it erases the base and the whole thing please?

      1. I heard that you can get rid of your account by sending a message with the subject being “Termination” or “Terminate.” Not sure.

  18. Can you please update the materials found in list? There are many more materials found and it would help to see crossover places. Silicone is also not listed. Thank you!!!!

  19. Can you explain how the ranking system works after a KE? My alliance will say we were first but then in state chat other alliance are saying they were first..someone said its done on a bracket system? If this is true can you tell me how the brackets work?

  20. I have purchased gold and t tells me that I would receive bonus gold, I do not see the bonus gold, Is there someplace that I must collect it?

  21. Hi Kane,

    yesterday it was our first SVS KE – and my state totally got wiped. The lead alliance in our state decided before the event to do a “purge” – to wipe out all inactive players so that less power is lost.
    However, it seems they also wiped out a lot of active players that could have helped a great deal.
    The other state was on the other hand very organised in a way that they lured players with tiles and trap accounts and than had big hitters porting in once your troops were deployed, all very fast.

    Can you write a guide on best practice state rules so that the whole state can prosper and be strong in kvs ke?
    And how to best organise the state for a KE?

    Great site, keep on going!

    1. if a player attacks your base there troops cannot be hospitalized so they die
      if you tile hit someone their troops die
      if you attack a base with more troops than their hospital space holds they die
      When you rally someone u and the person who did the rally split the kills

  22. can i recover a user name from mobile strike? i lost my farm account sign in and had to reset my phone so i no longer have it as that email was made for my farm account only

  23. I think that they should add that you could conquer land and build cities to earn extra income, it would be cool!

  24. Greetings General Kane,

    Will you please make an article or guide for making a rally trap account?

    Thank you.

    Huge Fan

  25. Is there ANYTHING that can be done to rouge alliances that do not (&purposely does not) follow any of the state rules? Obviously they are very strong in power, but completely ignore any and ALL of the state rules that ALL other alliances of the state follow as set by the controlling CP alliance. I know there’s no way to boot these players from the state no matter who is in control. Is there a way to contact the game makers or something as I’m pretty sure we could have a couple hundred people sending emails to the game makers about this. Many, many of us are willing to spend more money and would easily do so if these A-holes didn’t exist in our state.

  26. I notice as time has gone on our states has cannibalized itself….it was once a bunch of alliances trying to grow. Now, all that is left are a bunch of vacant abandoned bases….and the high power guys have now united into the same alliance and just zero everyone…its chaos…they do well at holding down the rest of the state, but one alliance, albeit powerful alliance isn’t strong enough to win SvS events, and with everyone constantly being zeroed it sort of sucks, which has led to many quitting. They should unprotect states after a certain period, just to keep it fresh. Allow players to change to other states, once a state has reached a certain age…I get not wanting big players to join new states, but why not once they are 4-5 months old and somewhat established? Or maybe their has to be a smiliarity factor….states that are similar in power levels and age are open for interstate travel….just my opinion to keep people playing

    1. I second this. A couple of friends got bored cos if this reason. Or theres should be a limit on alliances or a couple days of week or one week in a month. There should be purgatory rule, where alliances become invalid for that week. And when the timer is off. Youre automatically in your allianxe again. Gives some sort of balance.

  27. How do you fix the screen that says please turn off the app i have closed the app and turned off my phone and i have looked for updatesbut nothing worked plz help

  28. Hello. I have big problem.. My phone is now broken and i cant play in that account what was in that phone anymore.. i have two “help” accounts two different devices but i cant login my “head account” i try every possible email and passwords but nothing works… please help

    1. You have to go to the email for that account and confirm it is you to play on a different device. Then you should be able to login.

  29. Hi, can’t enter game anymore. When I load the game I can hear the sound in the back ground (in the loading game page) but then the screen turns off, then it restarts my phone. Any ideas? My account hacked? Possible?
    Anyone experienced this?

  30. A day or two ago I was able to train approx 443k troops at a time. Now I’m down to only being able to train 143k. Can anyone tell me why and how I can get back to to 443k+. I haven’t changed anything on my commander or base. I’m a level 22 and got attacked. There’s also a state boost in progress.

  31. I got attacked by a gu with a commander and my meat shield died but higher tier troops hospitalized… Why did this happen?

  32. I got attacked by a guy with a commander and my meat shield died but higher tier troops hospitalized… Why did this happen?

  33. Hi. I am very new to the game. A senior disabled vet that is looking for some reasonable entertainment. What I mean is, I can’t be glued to this game 10 hrs a day. So, is it possible to be able to keep everything safe if I can’t play it everyday?

  34. i have the items to raise my commander to level 51 on the special tab…however there is no button to retreive it?how is that?

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